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5 years
Just a small correction about when Ubah was discovered in Canada. She was actually 14. I met her two days after she moved to Richmond B.C. Canada. Now home of the Olympic Oval. I met her and her aunty and introduced myself to her after seeing her for the first time. I said to my wife would you look at that girl. She says what girl. I said are you blind that beautiful statuesque girl walking toward us. At the time she said she was already 5' 11" 1/2. I asked her if she had done any modeling and she said no. I later that day visited her in her aunts home and asked if she would let me take her picture. Perhaps I could introduce her to the right people as I had done fashion shows myself with my sister who did modeling for Casablanca's Vancouver. Anyhow we picked out some clothes from her meager wardrobe then picked a day to do a photo shoot. Her aunt came along for the photo shoot and was herself a very tall woman and very pregnant at the time. We had fun that day and Ubah stopped traffic even then. She was a natural and a vision every time I looked in the lens. She moved and posed like she was born to it. There was a wedding party with a photographer trying to do his own shoot at the time . I remember how frustrated he got because the wedding party were mesmerized by Ubah posing for me and they were ignoring him. It was a confirmation of what I already believed. She was one of the most beautiful young ladies god ever created and I had ever seen. I am so proud of what she has done with her life. She is so sweet and genuine with a wonderful smile and laugh with a lovely Somalian accent. Charming as can be. One day I hope to meet her again. I know my wife and children would love to see her again. Every once in a while I look through my portfolio and admire my pictures of her which I have to say are my favorites. Once or twice I have seen her on fashion television and have to admit it did make me shed a tear. I am so proud of her. She's a rare beauty and a I pray all her dreams keep coming true.
lisabethgrey lisabethgrey 6 years
love that!