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Reece Hudson

Reece Hudson is designed by New Yorker Reece Solomon, who channeled her dual passions for luxury accessories and street style into a handbag line that is regularly snapped on the red carpet and outside the shows.

POPSUGAR: What does being in the Incubator mean to you?

Reece Hudson: Being affiliated with the CFDA is such a huge stamp of approval from the American fashion industry, and it's been incredible having that support system behind us. But what I consider most special about being in the Incubator program is the mentorships we've been given. They've been so incredibly instrumental in our growth, and we would never have had access to such respected and accomplished members of the industry without this program. Their advice and nurturing has been truly invaluable.

PS: What inspired your Fall collection?

RH: We've been working with London a lot recently, and that led to me thinking about the style sensibility of the English countryside or, more specifically, how an affluent and eccentric woman might translate her city style in a cold countryside Winter environment. I imagined a lot of richly textured fabrics — feathers and furs — with a whimsical touch embedded in details such as colorful embroideries. I also love the strong equestrian affiliation that comes to mind, with lots of beautiful saddle leather in a variety of shades of browns, adding a rugged edge to the collection. I also added inspirational elements of a Winter safari, mixing in naturally occurring animal colors, textures, and patterns. Maybe the relics of a well-traveled woman who had turned into quite an eccentric in her older age, a bit of a Miss Havisham-type character.

PS: Where do you see your business in five years?

RS: We're really focused on growing our brand awareness and distribution internationally, so having a greater and more recognizable brand presence, especially on a global scale, is our primary goal.

Within the next five years, we'd also like to add additional accessories categories to our collection and have them grow into a significant part of the business. Naturally, to support all this growth, we also need to bring on more employees.

Photo courtesy of Reece Hudson