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Daniel Vosovic

If you developed a crush on Daniel Vosovic and his sharp, urban clothing on Project Runway, you were not alone. He's moved beyond reality TV to create a fan base for his own line since 2010.

POPSUGAR: What inspired your Fall collection?

Daniel Vosovic: An active life is always at the core of every collection. Frida Kahlo, the original chic tomboy, added a sense of strength and a colorful burst of floral inspiration to our main prints. We gave them a rigidity by pixelating them and layering in a grid referenced from tile work of Turkish mosques, which I was lucky enough to visit this past Summer.

PS: Where do you see your business in five years?

DV: A leader in the online platform and being a part — if not leading — the dialogue in how women are shopping not just today but tomorrow.

PS: Are you excited to show on a digital platform?

DV: Absolutely. For fashion claiming to be such a forward-thinking industry, there are parts of it that are sorely lagging behind.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Mulcare

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