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PS: And who do you turn to for the standout pieces? Do you have a rolodex of go-to brands, designers, or labels?

PF: If you have an idea in your mind, you just go to the store and get it. It's not secretive. You live in New York City, there's tons of department stores, specialty stores, costume houses, rental houses . . . It just depends on what you're looking for. It's not some secret warehouse . . . The main thing is to have pictured in your brain what you are looking for, so when you see it, you'll recognize it.

PS: Any particular looks in your career that you are most proud of getting into a film?

PF: It's not about me getting something in a film. It's about me telling the story of the script through clothes. That's something that fashion people get caught in when they do this work. They go at it from a fashion point of view. It's not fashion. I happen to do fashion movies because I did them, and I did them well and so they kept asking me to do more of them. They don't ask me to do horror movies or military movies . . . But no matter what, it's not a fashion show, and I'm not selling a garment or trying to expose a gorgeous dress to everyone and tell them to go buy that dress. I'm just involved in storytelling.

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