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Issa Vintage Blue and White Caftan

POPSUGAR: Why did you select this item to reissue for the anniversary?

Beverly Hill, CEO of Issa: This "Kimono" caftan from our archive represents the feminine and relaxed spirit of the brand. The brand is renowned for its use of color and print, so this butterfly print seemed to embody this perfectly.

PS: Why is it a must have?

BH: This is a piece that can be dressed up for the evening or worn with flat sandals on the beach. It’s versatile and glamorous.

PS: What makes it iconic?

BH: Issa is known for its caftans, and this is truly a standout one.

PS: Has this piece ever been worn by a celebrity?

BH: Nicole Richie!

PS: What excited you about working with us on the anniversary campaign?

BH: We love you and wanted to work with you to wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come!

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