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  1. The Cosby Show: Those sweaters. Need we say more?
  2. Punky Brewster: What kid didn't want to be Punky? She had the brightest clothes, the kickiest sneakers, and the coolest hair accessories.
  3. The Golden Girls: OK, hear us out on this one. Golden Girls isn't on our list because we dream of eating cheesecake in a caftan on the lanai (we do, but that's not why it's on our list). Golden Girls earned its spot for grandfathering — make that grandmothering — a little show called Sex and the City. And for that we say "thank you."
  4. Bewitched: Of course Samantha Stephens would have an impressive wardrobe — a twitch of her nose and this witch could travel to Paris, Rome, London, and back in a moment's notice.

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