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Wash Your Whites

1. Don't Overload

A benefit to not having a ton of whites? You won't run the risk of overstuffing your washer. You need enough space for the detergent and water to work their magic.

2. Use Hot Water

The best way to retain whiteness is to wash items in the hottest water possible, at least 120 degrees.

3. Don't Scrimp on Detergent

Now is not the time to be conservative about how much detergent to measure. Use the maximum amount recommended for your whites.

4. Add a Whitening Boost

Baking soda or oxygen-based bleaches can increase the effectiveness of your wash. If you prefer a more natural route, a good alternative is lemons! Use a half-cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice with your detergent to slightly whiten those whites.

White-Hot Tip: Steer clear of bleach. It's a common misconception that chlorine bleach is a cure-all for all your laundering woes. In fact, if used over time, it weakens the fibers in your clothes and, if you have water that's high in iron, can even cause yellowing.

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