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POPSUGAR: There's so much to do when it comes to planning a wedding. Where did the dress fit in?

Whitney Port: The dress was definitely the first thing that I wanted to deal with, just because I wanted to get something made, so I wanted to have ample time to do it. I still don’t know what it’s going to look like. I’ve given the designer a bunch of different inspiration images, and they’re all very different looks, so I am waiting to see what they come back with. But it’s really a fun process, once you chose where it’s going to be and when it’s going to be, just planning all those details and being able to use your creativity is so much fun.

PS: Do you see yourself in a certain type of dress? Something more California-casual or do you think you might go traditional?

WP: I don’t know! When I pulled my inspiration images, it was everything from like Lauren Bush’s wedding, where she has the mock turtleneck with the lace long sleeves down to Kate Moss in a Calvin Klein spaghetti-strap white slip dress.

Image Source: Getty / Michael Kovac