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This Trick Could Save You $100 or More

My mother-in-law is kind of genius, too. As we were getting ready to move to the ceremony site at my sister-in-law's recent wedding, her mom brought out a sheet. We all looked at her, a little confused, until she explained:

  1. The bride stands in the middle of the sheet and you cut a hole in the sheet right around her feet.
  2. Once she's in the dress, she stands in the center of the sheet, with her feet through the hole.
  3. Pull up the sides of the sheet around her, et voilà! The sheet collects the hem and train of her dress so that as she walks, she doesn't drag her train on the ground.
  4. Once at the ceremony site, remove the sheet, and your dress will be pristine and ready to go.

Not only does it save your dress from dragging on the ground prewedding, but it might just keep your dress a little cleaner and save you in cleaning fees postnuptials, which start around $100 for basic services.

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