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Know What Works

"As a plus-size model, you have to know your angles. That's number one. You have to know about colors and prints, because certain things designers will want to put on you are not made for a plus-size woman, and it's not going to work."

Speak Up For Yourself

"A lot of designers are not plus-size themselves, and the plus-size industry is a specific industry, so sometimes they don't know what we really want. But I'm a living person, and I know what a plus-size woman would like to wear. So, of course, I do let the designers know: 'Yes, I want to show my legs off. Yes, I would love to wear a miniskirt. I want an off-the-shoulder top.' We love to show our shoulders off. Some designers get touchy, but when they take that direction and they see that a garment sells, they learn to trust you and the fit models."

Source: Enrique Vega For The Fount Group

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