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joementum joementum 9 years
ME-OW! Watch out boys and girls! Rami's a REAL DISH.
Quickbeam Quickbeam 9 years
Not only has Rami blown me away with his exquisite dresses and gowns (just look what he created for his CONCERTO FOR ANGELE in Los Angeles earlier this year) but he is so easy on the eyes. Lordy, that man makes my temperature rise! Delicious!
jfunk1 jfunk1 9 years
Nice, Rami. Kick some ass this Season!
Karen_Gothlick Karen_Gothlick 9 years
Holy cow! This season is gonna be SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Wubba Wubba Wubba Rami!!!
Izzi Izzi 9 years
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