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TonyNYC TonyNYC 9 years
Wow...Rami in that tank looks like a gymnast. So I take a look at some of his work and guess what gang the man has talent. Amazing dresses Rami.. Looks like we'll be seeing him for a long time on Project Runway.
joementum joementum 9 years
I've been following his career for years, and all I have to say is those other designers better watch out! Rami is tremendously talented. I have a feeling he's gonna take it all.
Quickbeam Quickbeam 9 years
Not only has Rami blown me away with his exquisite dresses and gowns (just look what he created for his CONCERTO FOR ANGELE in Los Angeles earlier this year) but he is so easy on the eyes. Lordy, that man makes my temperature rise! Delicious!
Karen_Gothlick Karen_Gothlick 9 years
Love! I heard he's very talented.
Izzi Izzi 9 years
I am a Rami Fan!
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