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she's back and she's bad

she's back and she's bad

Mc_w0207 >> I was getting worried we weren't going to see her much anymore, she wasn't really around for the spring 2007 shows and hasn't been in editorials lately, but Mariacarla is back, and she and Juergen Teller have worked their magic together once again for the February 2007 issue of W.   And it keeps getting better... she has her hauntingly beautiful long dark hair back.   The whole editorial has a mustard/gold/black/white color palette -- funny that that exact color palette has one I've been contemplating lately. 
I really want to get a pair of mustard tights to work into my wardrobe.  They remind me of the scene in Antonioni's Blowup where the two girls are wearing pastel tights with their little sixties shift dresses.  I know the girls' tights are blue and green or something, not mustard, but mustard still seems like a very sixties color to me. 
In any case, mustard.  Yeah.  Mariacarla.  Yeah.  Mariacarla's dark hair.  Double yeah.   


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