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the "simple" girls are taking over at vogue

the "simple" girls are taking over at vogue

>>  I know,
I am such a purist.  When I saw that Franca Sozzani had decided to put Nicole Richie on the cover of Vogue Italia's October 2006 issue, I thought I would just close my eyes, ignore it, and it would eventually go away.  I know Steven Meisel shot Nicole and people like Lance Bass, Paris Hilton, and Kathy Griffin in the accompanying editorial inside as a mockery of tabloid magazines, but really.  We have enough tabloids.  I've been holding onto the creativity that goes into the editorials we usually see in Vogue Italia (and also Vogue Paris) for dear life.   They are my monthly picture bibles.
To make it worse, now I'm hearing rumors that Paris Hilton is on an upcoming cover of Vogue Paris.  All I can hope for is that I will be very pleasantly surprised.


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