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who knew a garden party on astroturf could be so fun?

Sep 28 2006 - 12:35am

Darla_vc [1]

>> You know, I really enjoyed Vena Cava's presentation.  It was really fun to mingle among the photographers shooting the models, the models doing their poses, and to watch people's reactions as all of this was going on.  At one point I turned around and there was Vera Wang, wandering around with everyone else, even though her own show was just about to begin.

All in all, a very smart move on Lisa and Sophie's part -- I think the reaction was much more favorable to the garden party setting than it would have been to a runway show like all the other UPS Hub designers did.  Especially because, as style.com says [2], the clothing was "only a small step forward from last season."  But the designers are very young, and hopefully will begin to grow in their aesthetic more -- they definitely already have the charisma they need to succeed down pat. 

More snaps I took at the show:
Venacava3 [3] Svetlana_vc [4] Venacava5 [5]Venacava4 [6]

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