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10-Minute Abs Workout With Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass

10 Minutes to Bikini-Ready Abs!

Celeb trainer Teddy Bass knows you need to work the entire torso and all four layers of abdominal muscles to create a sleek midsection. In this 10-minute workout, Cameron Diaz's longtime trainer mixes plank variations and roll-ups with standing ab exercise for a complete core workout. Press play and get ready to feel your belly burn — in a good way, of course!

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We're all looking for ways to switch up our ab routine. So, if you're tired of doing a million crunches, try these moves by celebrity trainer Teddy Bass. So grab an exercise ball and come do this Classic Fit Sugar. So here we are, an amazing ab series. So we have our help from Zee and Heather. And I will be showing modifications when needed, since I am pregnant. Otherwise follow along with Teddy and Heather. Perfect, so here we go. I love to call this my plank series. So you don't have to do a thousand crunches. We're going to go down on to a plank position, so we're going to be on our elbows, feet are flat. First thing I want you to do is to squeeze your quads, squeeze your legs. So, we're going to hold this for 20 seconds. Taking a nice breath in make sure you're shoulders are relaxed, your lats are engaged. We're halfway there. So now what we're going to do is make sure and take your feet just a hair wider, going to drop your hips one inch or two, and then draw your abs in and lift back up to a level, neutral back. And drop, and lift and drop, and lift, and drop, and lift. Good. You guys are doing great. Trying to look back and there you can see even the modification isn't happening, because anybody can do a plank. It really works your transverse abdominis, which is that area of your abdominal's that everyone doesn't work because they're so eager to do crunches which is your rectus abdominis which everyone wants a six pack. That this works the innermost. Two more and there, right there. Hold it there and lift your right foot up about an inch off the floor. Keep breathing. So, if you notice everything is in 20s here. We have five seconds. Good. Center yourself, and then lift the left leg. So we did a 20 count hold, we did 20 drops, and now we're holding it with 20 seconds. So realistically you just did a 60-second plank. Beautiful. Go ahead and bring your knees together, stretch it back in Child's Pose. Ooh, that was hard. the favorite stretch is the Child Pose. The reason why is it opens up and lengthens the back. In case you were stressing it out at all. Good. So now we're going to go ahead and do our second one, which is back into the plank position. Now it's a twist, so put your feet together, so they're very tight. Abdominals are engaged. We're gonna to take your legs and you're just gonna twist them and set the bead on top of each other and go to the right, and out to the left, and to the right, and then to the left. Keeping your abdominals engaged because you don't want to drop the hips so they're sinking. So it's almost like you're rolling the hips up, and shifting, so now you should really be feeling your obliques now. This is an excellent core workout, you're really getting the totality of the core. And keep stretching. So now you can see that Zee is actually on her knees and you're still feeling them correct? I am absolutely feeling them. Kick, and five, four, three two and one. Beautiful. Just drop the knees. Stretch back. So again, I said this was a series. So now, the last and final part of the plank is gonna be an actual twist. So actually gonna go up on our sides. So go back onto your elbows. Feet are stacked again. So now, all we're gonna do is stack open, and open. Back to your plank, find your center, roll open and stretch. Nice. And I can still feel this on my obliques, even if I'm on my knees and modified. If you want to make it more advanced, stretch the arm up. Draw the abdominals in. Make sure you're staying very stable. So now we're really working your obliques. And we're counting, shoulders are down, engaging Relax. We have six more. Five. Four. Three. Don't let that hip drop. Two. Keep the butt up. Keep it up. And one. Beautiful. Nice work. Good. So now we're actually gonna add a ball, which is gonna recruit a lot more muscle fibers in your abdominals. So we're gonna all turn, and we'll start with a roll-up. So we'll just turn to the side, and roll back down. Knees are bent. Arms are gonna start slightly over the shoulders, keeping the rib cage melted. Squeeze the ball as tightly as you can. You feel your abdominals engage, ladies? I do. Feet flat on the floor, and now you're just gonna roll it as high as you possibly can, and then roll back down, and back up. Breathing out. Making sure you're not lifting the head first. Lift your chest first, squeeze the ball. So generally, a normal crunch, you see people doing 20, 40, 50. when we get to like 6 or 7, or actually, I'm not gonna ask. Tell me when you start to feel your abdominals. No. Exactly. So we're now on 7. So, just by adding the element of the ball allows you to fire way more muscle fibers, recruiting a lot more tissue, because we have three areas in the abdominals, so crunches. Now we're working the erectus abdominus. So we've been working the obliques. Good job. Five more. And this is an arm movement, too. Well, your triceps are engaged. Yeah. So you're gonna get triceps and a little bit of shoulder. And now stay up on your the top and just hold it for 20. Two, keep breathing, keep squeezing. If you're in the neck, just make sure you're dropped. Make sure your neck is. If your neck gets tight, you can actually just do modification, put your hand right behind you head and hold the ball, five seconds. And relax. Beautiful. So, now ball goes between then knees. So the modification would be keeping the feet on the floor and or, putting them up, arms are out by your side, head is down So, now we're going to do a waist twist. So, the legs go to the right, squeeze the ball as tightly as you can and then lift it back up center. And squeeze the ball as tightly as you can between the knees. And up. Beautiful. So, you're almost making Making a slight "V" with the knees so that pulling them in towards the waist and then open them to the side. Good. And squeeze, nice. And center, you're half way there. Should be starting to feel the oblique ladies. Yes. Here we go. Come on, keep going energized. Five more. four, three, two more. Last one. Now stay in this center. Put your hands behind your head, lift your shoulders up as high as you can. Good. Now all you're going to do is straighten your legs up as you lift. One, two, three, four, Five. Six. We're only at ten. So you guys starting to feel your abdominal's? Yes. Last ten. Nine. And the squeeze really works those inner thighs too. Yes. seven. And what a lot of people don't understand is, the lower portion of your abdominals is connected, so you're not using your hip flexors when you squeeze your knees together, you're actually using the abdominals. two, and one. Beautiful. Relax. Good, so we're going to finish this last series standing up. So, we're going to do a side-twisting oblique exercise. So, you're going to twist to one side and then lift the knee. And the other side. so as you lift the knee, you are actually twisting the torso, and knee is coming toward the opposite shoulder. And it really helps to breathe out when you're twisting, to target those inner muscle fibers. Yes. Without thee, where would I be? not as fit, not as lean. Seven more. Good. Good. Now, going to just go up to a nice little reaching. So, a little soft in the knees, you're going to up and reach. So you see people in the gym actually doing this with actual weight by their side. So now its seemingly like an exercise. If you notice, as we pull the elbow in we're actually Doing a thigh crunch. So, pull that elbow in. Breathing heavy. I'm breathing. Hi there. How are you? I'm good. I'm getting a cardio hour workout here. Good, now we're gonna add one more overhead reach. So, reach and pull. Yeah. Got it. Go on up on the right. So easy. Draw those abdominals in, feel that crunch, feel your obliques, pull the knees in as high as you possibly can. Really pull that. Feel that. So elbows go past the knees. You're taking a block and you're crashing it. And if you wanna make it a little more exciting, add a kick. Whoa. Six, five, four, three. Kick it. Two, and one. Wooh, yeah. What a great workout for your core. Thanks Teddy. My pleasure. Thanks Dee. Check out our other workouts with Teddy on FitSugarTV. See you next time.

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simonedesimone simonedesimone 1 year

what about shoulders? Don't they get tired too?

Summer-Fit Summer-Fit 1 year
Just did the 10-minute ab workout from Teddy Bass. I used a pillow for the 'ball' portion and that worked fine. I used 5 lb weights for the last standing crunch moves. I like combining three different 10-minute videos from this site. Good workouts.
pixiedusk pixiedusk 2 years
Hubby and I are doing this! Hopefully it'll work for us! It's fun!
Lara-L Lara-L 3 years
Great video! I already did two of these 10 min. videos on Fitsugar today! Please keep them up!
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