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10-Minute Arm Workout With Cameron Diaz's Trainer Teddy Bass

Tone Your Arms and Core With Cameron Diaz's Trainer — in Just 10 Minutes!

Trainer Teddy Bass helped Cameron Diaz chisel her toned guns, and with this 10-minute workout, he will help sculpt your arms and shoulders, too. This workout may focus on the upper body, but your core will get worked — bonus! Grab a set of dumbbells, press play, and get ready to bare your arms.

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tone your arms and core without going to the gym in today's class with sugar celebrity trainer Teddy Bass. All you need are three to five pound dumbbells. Let's do it. Let 's go. So, we're here for our arms with Zee and Heather. You guys ready to get going? We are, and I'll be doing a lot of modifications because I am pregnant, so follow along with me if you want. Perfect, so here we go a little core stabilization, so we're going to lift our right knee up. We're going to do a shoulder press bicep curl, so you're going to draw those abdominals in. Make sure you're spreading your toes on the left foot. You're going to get a little ankle stabilization going there. You girls feel those abdominals engaged? I do. You can really feel the core here. And three more. Nice. Two. You've got to work the balance. If you fall bring it right back up. Beautiful, find your center, hips neutral and now pull up the left leg, and we're going with the left arm. Nice. it's always good, look I keep falling, I need to fire core. It's hard to talk and balance. I know, breath, drawing the abdominals in, finding your center. Think about the bicep and the shoulder. Good. Nice form, you guys. Four more. Really need your abs here. Yeah, definitely. Three, two, last one, beautiful. Center yourself again. Now we're going to go again, add a little bit more stabilization. So pull up that right knee again. Now as we extend the arm, we extend the leg. Perfect. So bring it in and lift. So that's when you want to really draw that belly button into your spine. Drawing the abdominals in touch that foot down if you need to. Teddy tricked us by saying this is arms. This is full body. I don't know about you. I'm all about the abdominals because that's the center of your entire body. Last one. Beautiful. Switching outside. So if you notice I'm actually kind of doing the modification as well. Just so you can see you can tap down. I'm not even doing the modification, Teddy. Or you can leave the So that I am glad I was doing it. She can leave that knee up, that means you are fully centered the - you love that! three more. Two and one. Beautiful. Nice and easy. Good. That was great. Yeah. So take those legs a little wide. So now we're just going to add just a slightly little plie with a bicep curl. So the weights are right in legs. So we're going to do a nice little plie, and you're going to rotate the arms in. One. Good. So choosing the weights you want. We're doing 20 reps. we said three to fives, if you need less, you can do that. And again making sure you're dropping that weight and pushing it right through the heels. Trying not to let your body tip forward too far. Should be starting to feel those biceps, starting to get little bit of a burn ladies. Yes, fine. Great for those T-shirts. Four more and three and two. Now we're gonna work in the strapless aspect. Good. So for our next exercise we're gonna do, I like to call this a right angle, so our palms are facing down. We're going to start with right arm going forward, left arm going to the side. We're just going to go straight up and down and up. So you only need to go shoulder level. And if you notice, we're not using any momentum. So our knees are soft. So we're making again I keep saying that over and over that the center of your whole universe is your abdominal and core strength. Everything rotates from there. mind, body and soul. And I think our shoulders should actually be starting to burn a little bit now maybe? Yeah, definitely and 3, and 2, and 1. Whew! Beautiful, let's keep it going. Let's go a little wider. Take this seat wide back into the plie. Now we're going to do a hammer curl, so there's no rotation. So go straight down and then curl them straight in. So try to keep those elbows as tightly as you can and just squeeze those biceps as tight as you can. And squeeze. Keeping the shoulder blades down. And it's great to alternate the type of bicep curls you do so you get the full bicep muscle. You're not just getting one part of it. Right. There are two muscles, bi meaning two so the rotation actually gets the outer head and this one gets the shorter head. So we're making sure that we're getting both angles, so we're getting width and length. Heather how you doing? I'm good. You guys doing good? She's quiet back there. I know, she's not saying much. Trying to focus. And three and two and one. Beautiful. Now we're going to go do our shoulder raises in that right angle again, but now we're actually going to add a releve. So really going to have to fire those stabalizers in your legs and your abdominals. So, you guys ready? Love it, ready. Starting with the right arm forward and the left arm out. Here we go. One. Love it. Breathe out. Burns already. Yeah, those calves. Everyone always forgets when they say arms, they forget to do shoulders. And if you think about it, when you're wearing your strapless beautiful shirt that you have on, that you actually see your shoulders. So getting those deltoids nice and worked. It keeps a nice little, beautiful appearance on the arm, because the shoulder is actually connected to the tricep, which we'll get into next. And four more. I feel like my whole back is on fire. Oh yeah, I feel my hamstrings too. Three, two and, one. Beautiful! So, I love to call this a hugger. So, you'll have to put both feet together. Lots of hugs. Lots of hugs. Lots of hugs. Hug in here. So, take the arms out. We're going to do reverse flies with a kick. So you bring it in, shoulder blades pinched together, and then you extend those arms. three. Nice. Rep out. Four, and five, and six, and seven. You should be feeling the back of the arms and the rear delts. I feel it, all of it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now just take one foot back. Get a nice little stagger. Good. Arms crossed and here we go again. Same cross? Same cross, and they can actually go back a little further if you wanna add a variation, more of a V motion. And this staggered squat just gives a little level of instability, which targets the core a little better to. Correct. Two, and one. Beautiful, and it actually allows you If your starting to fatigue -- Yeah. -it allows you a little more range in motion. Beautiful! And last set, and back. So if you notice you're doing ten in each section. And four, and five, six, seven, eight. You guys good? and ten. Beautiful. Whoo! Nice. Ok. Shake it out. Hug it out. Hug it out. Hug it out. Shake it out. so my next favorite we're going to do a little more shoulder. So we're going to do around the world. So waist in front of you, palms facing forward. Slightly bend the knees drawing these abdominals in is for your back and you're too just going to take it all the way around the world. One. Making a little globe. and, two. I love these. Breath out. Good. So, your shoulders are actually one of the most overworked muscles in your body because they work on all three planes of motion. So what you want to make sure that you do is allow rotation So don't try to stay too stiff, keeping the abdominals engaged. That's a really important point, Teddy. You want to work through movement so you're not just isolating muscles and building them up. Exactly. Because our bodies are made functionally, so so many people are so rigid Then you actually create more injury and risk. So we prefer my shoulder on fire. So, I'm trying to talk through this. Whoo! 5 more. How many more? and 4 I got it. We can do it! Yes! One. Come on. Two. One. Nice job. So let's finish up this class that should work out with our little shoulder presses. Both arms up, and fifteen, nice and easy. Good little pace cannot say enough. Soften the knees so you're not locking them out and putting any stress on the lower back. You've got to remember to breathe. making a slight angle at the top. It's gonna almost be a triangle, finding your center. Girls, you starting to get a little a little bit of a burn, little bit, yea definitely, three, two more and one beautiful. Bring those arms down. Now just hold them out really wide, and then just do a last So this is the last third angle we're doing.So we worked it in every angle possible. No excuses. No excuses. run through this 10 minute. Who has an excuse to say "I can't, I don't have time"? We just did a class Fit Sugar in 10 minutes and worked your entire arms and core. And core. And calves. And a little bit of butt. And five more. Squeeze them out. Three, two, and one. Beautiful. Just drop those weights down. Let's have a little bit of a stretch, dropping those shoulders. Take the arm across. So making sure you a little bit of a stretch in those workouts so you can totally cut down the risk of soreness, over training, injury. Beautiful. Drop em down, one more. Interclasp the hands down behind you. Just softly take the arms down by your gluts, shoulders pulled back, shoulders down. Relax it out. And relax it. Good job. Awesome! Nice job, ladies! We're ready to go. We're all ready to flex. Woo-hoo! Thanks for showing us this intense workout Teddy. My pleasure, you did a great job. Thanks, I can really feel it in my arms and shoulders. You combine our other sessions with Teddy for a full-body workout on Fit Sugar TV. See you next time.

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Summer-Fit Summer-Fit 1 year
This was a good arm burner! I used 5 pound weights and could feel all the moves towards the end of each set of reps. I would definitely combined it with another 10 minute workout. Maybe legs or core?
MillieJane MillieJane 2 years
Love Teddy's workouts! Very effective.
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