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10-Minute Butt-Toning Workout (Video)

10 Minutes to Tone: Supermodel Butt-Sculpting Workout

Looking to tone and lift your bum? Trainer Andrea Orbeck created this sculpting series to keep her supermodel clients' backsides in tip-top shape. Don't worry if you don't have an exercise band to wrap around your thighs; these exercises will work your butt even without added resistance. Press play and get ready to sculpt like a supermodel!

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Andrea Orbeck's not only Heidi Klum's secret weapon, she's also in charge of keeping many models runway ready, and today she's gonna share with us a ten minute version of a supermodel theory. Hi everyone, Susan and Gigi are going to join me today for my of the supermodel series. With me I have an invention I call the Hipster. It's a kind of go anywhere band that you can use for your hips and glute. You can use anything you have at home that has nice to it. And if you don't have that, just use really high repetitions to be able feel the movement. So let's get started. Here's the set-up. You want to go ahead and loop it around your leg, place it flush just above you knees, and you're good to go. Laying on your side, you wanna stack your hips, your shoulders, and your feet. We're gonna do seven movements, twenty repetitions each. Keep a nice, long spine, shoulders down in back, hips are stacked. Knees together, heels are up. We're gonna start with 20 reps. Open and slowly close. Good. Now the key is to get a lot out of this movement, so you wanna go as high as you can and slowly return that top knee back into position. Always be aware of where your hips are. You won't feel your glutes enough if you don't roll hold backwards and stack your hips together. Good work. So we're just going to wake up those glutes and then push those through the entire series. Mine are waking up. Mine too. Let's go five more from here. Good. Three 'til we change two. Very good and one. So placing both knee and both ankles on the floor we're going to lift the top leg very slowly. We're going to open up in clam and slowly lower. Again isolating the glute, lowering and lifting, nice long spine, safe next against your elbow. Up and down. Keep in mind you want a little bit of an external rotation when you rotate upward. Nice and slow, controlled contractions. your gluts are really gonna start to burn. How you doing, [xx]? Burning. Good. good work. Stay with each clamp isolate now be frank to get the sporadic class so in four more to hold at the top Last two. Good. Now last one. Hold that glut. Give it a kick. Straighten the knee. Bend the knee and put it back down. We're gonna go one two, three, four. Twenty reps total. Try and get up high as you can without aggravating or moving the lower back. Keep it stacked, teacup on the hip. Open, kick, and lower. It's burning. Good. Stay in your form, up and through. Guys, how are your butts? I am feeling it! Me too. Nice up as high as you can, flex, try and hold your stability stay with me for five more reps. Change is coming. Four, three Good, last one, hold. Now, take that leg and straighten it all the way. Use that bottom floor leg to counter balance the band, while you're pointing the toe, straighten the hips, find your glute in the movement, and lift up and down like windshield washers. Abduct the hip up and down. Again, twenty is our rep count. You're really going to feel this. So, the cheater will start to put their toe in front of them. When you get tired, try and isolate the hip by keeping backwards all the way. You want a stretched hip, allowing the glute to lift and lower the leg in abduction. The stronger you are, the higher you're going to go. If you need a break, go ahead and reduce your range. Take it five, four, okay so last three, last two, last one. Now hold this windshield washer at the top. Point your toe, little circle six inches in diameter. Start clockwise. Here we go, twenty repetitions. Try and feel that this glute surrounds that ball-and-socket. Slow and controlled form. Keep your hips nice and stable. Phew! I am feeling this. Definitely, I can tell it's working. Me too. Oh, my goodness. Good big round circle. Slow and controlled form. Here we go: Two; and one. reverse reverse, big circles, try not to do hyphens back and forth, we want to do ball and socket work all the way around. Whoo, you're going to really feel feel the function of what your glute does when you're finished with these movements. I can tell we're getting it from all the different angles. Good point, yeah, I like that too. almost there, hold on. Try and stay stable in your form. Stay with me five, four Three, two, and one. Pull that knee in, just give it a little bit of a stretch. Phrew, and then find yourself stacking your knees. Push yourself up and over the other side. You guys ready to do the other side? Yes. Okay. Here we go. All right. So once you're in position, neck is long, stable. You're and start with your mermaids. Knees are together, both feet are up. Try and keep a long neck if you can. Hand on the ground to stay stable, and again, heels stay together. Open with the knee, twenty reps, on good touch open through so always keep in mind you want to stay nice and linear strong abs control to your lower back You feel like you're rotating back and forth. You're using your lumbar and not your glutes. We're trying to isolate your booty. Excellent. Here we go. Five more. Change is coming. Four two, and last one. Knees and ankles on the ground. We're gonna do full clams. Up you go. External rotation plus an twenty again. Nice and tall frame. High as you can through the hips. I'm feeling it. Me too. As much as you practice with these, you'll always end up finding that burn. in your tush; that's what I like about it. So as you get better and better especially if you're using a band, go on ahead and do more repetitions; it'll only benefit your tush. Five more. Last three. Last two told karate class. Now, pull that knee up at the top, give it a kick. Bend the knee, back down. Here's our tempo. Up, kick, bend, knee down. Good. Now these are the ones where you really need to keep your hip stable. Try not to move. I like to put my hand on top of my hip to feel that I'm isolating my posture. If you need the balance, though, go ahead and transfer your hands down on the ground. The key is to get high and go slow and controlled. Very good. You guys feeling it? Oh, definitely. Me too. Gigi, you feeling it? Yes. I can hear the buns working behind me. Up we go. Okay, hold on. We have five more until windshield washers, four, three more Good. And two; nice work, now stay up on the one, push your leg straight, point your toe, stabilize your body and then from here lift and lower. We've got twenty repetitions. Nice and high. Again, stretch your hip. Stay linear and long. Make sure your glute is lifting the weight of the leg. Up and down. Phew! Practice going as high as you can, knowing there's a twenty rep count. I'm feeling it on my bottom. Me too. I do. Here's four Three toe circle and now hold up on that one mix your toe is sweated again fix six meter in diameter starting with clock wise around you go. Again, try not to make those hyphens [sp]. Isolate your booty and really push back. You want to draw those circles along the midline of your body. not in front. It's important to feel that ball and socket work, and all the muscles that surround it. I'm feeling the muscles. Girl, so am I. Go five more. Four til we reverse. Here's two and reverse, reverse. Same good disciplined form circle. Hand in front if you need the stability. Lower leg pushes into the ground. Try not to wiggle your hips or your ribs. This is about the glut making circles through the leg. Good job. Keep that breathing up Stay stable in your form we are almost at the end of that runway. Good, five more Four more. Nice and slow. Three. Good and last one. Hold that knee in and just give it a little bit of a stretch Good and let's do a little bit of Glute stretches. Go ahead and remove your band. And then let's pop onto our hands and knees. Pop into child's pose with your heels and your butt heather. Open up. It feels so good to stretch, it really does.And then from there transition onto your hands and your knees and then go into Pull push up position plank. You pull one knee underneath, and then back onto your elbows. This is the pigeon stretch. The leg that's long. Your knee should be up off the ground and you just wanna use your body plank to be able to push into the ground and open up that hip. Really stretches the glute. Yeah, I love it. Feels great. Keep holding it there for another second. Good. And then from there back up onto your hands. Good shoulder form. Back into full push-up. Opposite leg goes underneath. Pop on to your elbows and take the nice long legs. Knees up and then use it to leverage and to turn it into your hip. Good . So you did a lot of repetitions in that glute area. You wanna make sure that it's nice and open and flexible as well as it is strong. Good work. And then from there back up on to your hands on knees. We're gonna do at cat-cow stretch where you curl underneath. Three, two, one and then go into neutral. Nicely done. We're done. And that's how you get your glutes in supermodel take. Thanks so much, Andrea. You're welcome. Catch you next time on FitSugar TV.

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