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10-Minute Butt Workout by Cameron Diaz's Trainer

Get Cameron Diaz's Lean Legs With This 10-Minute Workout

Rock your bikini bottoms with this 10-minute workout created exclusively for us by Teddy Bass, Cameron Diaz's longtime trainer. Add this workout, full of lunges and leg lifts, to your weekly fitness routine, and you'll have a toned derrière by beach season.

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Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass has trained Hollywood's best, and today he's going to show up how to get long, lean legs in this hardcore glute workout. So, here we are going to do our leg series today, get the bum working. So I have Dee and Heather here to help me today. And I'll be doing modifications when needed, since I am pregnant. But I think she's going to be able to get through the whole thing without it. So, ladies, are we ready? Let me start with our lunge series which I signaturized so, forward reaching lunge, just on the right leg. Forward and... And you can lose weight with these if you prefer. Keeping your abdominal engaged, slightly reaching over. Up. So you notice we're going at a nice little easy pace. You're gonna do five more. Start to feel like this is a balance test. Don't you Heather? Oh yes. Well, if you'll notice I'm reaching over a little more, now we're going over to the other leg. Zee's, trying to get an extra one in. And left leg. Breathing in and exhale and push up through the front heel. So of course, you hear me saying it all the time, you're joining those abdominals for stabilization. No pressure on the knee because you're reaching forward. Oh, I heard a whoa in the background. Oh, yeah. Last three. Two, one more, perfect. Now we're going to the right, ladies. Here we go, nice and easy. One. So, keeping your chest up right, that butt is way back, you're putting your weight right into that heel. Um hmm. Breathing. Almost like you're sitting onto a chair. Correct. Yeah. Good form. I'm so feeling these, I forgot where we were. But I think that's four more. Three. Two. Breathing out and one. Beautiful. To the left, here we go. And, one. We only have ten minutes so we're going to make the best use of it. I feel this on my inner thigh too. You 're feeling the stretch, that would be from the abductor on the opposite leg, correct? Right. Yes. You know your muscles, Teddy. Well, after a few years you would hope someone could repeat something. So, five more. Four, three, two. One more, beautiful. So you notice we're adding a little bit of a cardio element because of the speed. Yeah. If you at home want to go a little bit slower you can. So, now we're going to add rotation. Ready guys? We're going on the right leg first. Turn back, touch, then back to center and two, three, four. So, making sure that both feet are directly facing back, yes? Alright. Yes. So if you notice I'm actually reaching forward and the girls are upright a little bit more. Either is correct, just making sure that you're supporting your lower back like keeping your abdominals engaged, last two, one more, perfect. We are going to the left, here we go breathing, one. Nice work. Make sure again, pushing off that back heel to push yourself forward. You'll feel the quads a little bit, but if you're actually engaged right heel. You'll feel the burn a little bit more. I feel that. Hard to keep your balance. Got to use your abdominals. Eight. Nine. That was our first set, great job. Okay. So now what we're going to do is, we're going to kind of mix it up them all up together. Okay. So we need a front-front, then side-side, and then back-back. Okay, sounds good. Paced it a little bit. So here we go. We're going front, right leg, and then the left leg. Good! And this is a real calorie burner with a cardio element and the strength training. Exactly, what we're trying to do is s build lean muscle, so we're reducing our fat content by keeping out heart rate up. Are we going faster? I hate fast. Someone on my right, I won't say her 'C' name, is making me speed up. So let's slow down to the right. That felt good. Woo. Let's go a little slower to the right and the left. Here we go. And, one. So I have a tendency, just for balance, to put my hands in the front. It may help you at home with your momentum. Breathing. Really push through that heel. Feel the stretch on that inner leg, on the inner thigh. Keep breathing. Long legs. If you're not that flexible, you may not get as low. And that's okay. Four. Three. Chest upright. Two. Last one, beautiful. A little breath, a little shake out. Yeah. Now we're going to finish off the last one, which will be a reverse rotation to the right first. So here we go. Nice. Nice and controlled, find your balance Use those arms. Find your center. Each time you come back, you talk about firing our core. This is the one. Nice. Breathing coming back to center each time. Now if you notice I'm not going fully down like Teddy is and that's a modification, because the up down motion causes the heart rate to spike. Peripheral heart action is what we call it in the industry and you are actually making the blood pump to the upper portion of your body and the lower. Two more. Nice. Good job. It works. See, now you're ready. Good, so our next little series are just going to be skates to the right and to the left. The modification will be just a step. Great. So just step to the side and then touch. But Heather and I get to jump. So here we go. So starting far to the left, and all we're gonna to do is go to the right side, and touch. And two. Get way down in that glute. I love to feel the area that I'm working, so I put the opposite hand and on my glute so I can push from this. Oh yeah. Love that. So you ladies with the bikinis, that little area that you can never get, guess what a skating courtsey does. It gets that area that seemingly is hard to get to. Right here. Oh yeah. Four, three, oh my god I don't have to call them that, two and beautiful. I like those. Good job. Great, so our final move is gonna be on our hands and knees and we're gonna do an external rotated kick back. So you guys ready? Alright. Good, lets go! So on our hands and knees, back flat. So you're gonna open the right knee and then kick back. a bit and press. And three. Try to keep your head level, and down fully engaged. Try not to take the legs so high that the lower back arches, and it stays all in your glut. So we're now at [xx] Your butt should be on fire correct? Oh yeah. I'm asking a question. Yes, sir. Thank you. And you really wanna activate your core to protect your lower back here. Correct. And again, Not raising the leg too high, so that the back arches. Three more, two, and twenty. Beautiful. Go ahead and stretch back in childs pose. This is my favorite pose by the way. If you're not [xx] opens up the back in case you were tensing. Now let's go back into center. And now starting with the left leg. So we open, and kick back. and open, and kick it back. So you're kicking and tightening the glute as soon as the knee opens. Yep. Um. Hmm. And if you're lifting up those abdominals, you'll make sure that your weight is not shifting to the right hip, and make sure that your elbows are not locked out. So continuing to breathe through the entire exercise. Six, five, again, buns on fire? Oh yeah. Three more. Two. Last one. Squeeze it back. Beautiful. Bring your knees into your chest. Now lengthen you fingers out as far as you possibly can. So for Dees, you probably have your knees a lot wider. You can do that to get a little more stretch. And we're rolling back up. You've just completed your little ten minute butt burn. Good job you guys. Alright. Nice job. I can definitely feel my heart pumping. Thanks Teddy. Thank you so much Dee. Be sure to check out our other workouts with Teddy on Big Sugar TV. See you next time.

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