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A 10-Minute Full-Body Workout

Total-Body, 10-Minute Workout Video With Holly Perkins

This 10-minute workout video, created for FitSugar by celeb trainer and Promax DOer Holly Perkins, will get your heart rate up and work every muscle in your entire body. Press play and follow along as Holly leads you through this fat-blasting workout.

For this workout, all you need is a set of dumbbells, between three and five pounds, and enough space to lunge and do skaters. Ready to work your booty? Then bring it!

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If you think that you have to slave away at the gym for hours, think again. This is the ultimate, ten minute, full body workout designed by pro max dual and celebrity trainer Holly Perkins. So, take out your 3 to 5 pound weight and let's sweat it out in today's Class FitSugar. This workout is great because you will legitimately hit every muscle in your body in just ten minutes. It's a really great heart rate boost, which is gonna put you into the zone where you can really burn some real fat. Let's get started. So, our first exercise is going to use one dumbbell. I want you to hold it just like this. It's called a deep reverse lunge. The dumbbell is gonna start at your chest and feet together. You're gonna take a big step back, step forward, same thing on the other side, okay? And we're just gonna alternate just like this, for one minute. I want you push into that front heel. I want you to reach all the way down. It's not just the reversed lunge. It's a deep reversed lunge.It 'll really reach all the way down, bringing that dumbbell down towards your shoelaces, then step back, keep those abs tight. How are you guys feeling? Feeling good. This is great for lifting your butt, so really get in there. All right. We each have a couple more seconds here. and let's do two more reps. One more. Last one here. Awesome. Go ahead and put your dumbbells down. and we are going to move into our side-skater. Feet are together. Looks like this. Your going to step out the the side. Hop to the other side. And let's just repeat, we are going to go side and side. So again, the key here is I want you to really sit, nice and low with that little bit of hop in the middle touching the ground. Keep those hips down. You're going to feel your heart rate come up. Oh, yeah. This is amazing workout. This combination of cardio and muscle tone torches calories. I'm already breathing heavily, I can't even think. I know, right? You just get a couple minutes in, your heart rate starts, it's awesome. fell it like it's gonna be out. your breating is going to be out. just give it to your back. keep those like moving. We're getting close here. And ten more seconds. Good. How are you feeling? Okay. Let's do two more. One and relax. Okay, ladies. Grab your dumbbell. we are moving on, moving into our side raise combo. So both come straight out to the side, so we're going to go into a and recall and repeat now to the side down and up. Good. Really activate shoulders, keep those abs tight, stand tall. Heart rates are up. You're gonna feel your breath increase here. That's a result of that last exercise. How are you feeling? Good. Good, right? This gets all those different areas in the arms. You're gonna get your upper arm, the front of the arm, all through the shoulders. Makes you stand super tall. Squeeze the biceps, squeeze the shoulders. Good. And this is great for really rounding out those shoulders. Ten seconds. Okay. Stand super tall. You can use any weight dumbbell that you'd like, three, five or eight pounds. Any of those all work great. One more. Hammer curl, and relax. Okay. We're moving on. So we're gonna go back to the beginning and we're gonna repeat these three exercises. So just place one dumbbell down. We're back to the deeper reverse lunge, dumbbell right at your chest. You guys ready? Stand tall. It's a reversed lunge, let's go. One minute taking it all the way back. Really make that a big step, dropping down. I want you to push into that front leg as much as you can. The more you push into your front heel the more glue activation you are going to get. Let us really try that, really push right there. Push, you feel it? I totally feel it. the tush. Push the tush down. Keep your chest high. This is probably one of my favorite butt exercises. Oh, yeah. and you wanna make sure you're knee doesn't go beyond your toes and this. You wanna keep it at a ninety degree angle, right? Yeah. Keep that knee right over the ankle, a little bit forward is OK. But we don't wanna pass the toe. Good, heart rates are gonna come up. We're gonna get ready to move on to our next exercise. which is the side skaters for a heart-rate boost. OK. Let's do two more lunges. One more, all the way back. Getting ready to move on to our next Exercise. Dumbbell goes down, we're moving into those side skaters. So let's take our position. Now, this is a great place to modify the exercise if you'd like. Right. So if you wanna modify, just keep your hands your waist and do the same thing. Ready? Let's go. Side to side, so you can choose which style you want to use. It's always great to modify whenever you need a break. What makes that a little bit easier is the fact that you're keeping your hands up and you're not bending over to touch the ground. This is really gonna help to lessen the the heart rate increase, but you can do half and half, too, if you feel like joining me. Back, for the full move, come on. Otherwise just follow my team mates How you guys feeling? Great. It's good, huh? Here goes that heart rate! OK. I challenge you. Whether your hands up or down, I want you to sit a little deeper. Use that Keep that movement up. Couple of seconds here. Ok guys. Here we go. Let's do two more. One and relax. Grab your dumbbell. We're moving on. Keep those legs moving. Just march in place for a minute, and let's take those dumbbells out to the side. Side raise combo, and hammer curl. Move to the side, and hammer. Now you're going to see your breathing pick up. That is a result of the last exercise. That's good, that's your heart rate You're going to be burning calories, tapping into fat stores. I like that, to tone the body. Everybody likes the fat burning. How're you ladies doing? Good. Hanging in there? All right. Well, we're only six minutes in, so Okay. This is the ultimate workout, so you'd better deliver. Yep. We're going to. I've got my fitness buddies here. So, remember you can even have a couple sets of dumbbells. We're using threes today but on this excercise you could very easily go to five, and if you're advanced, you could go up to eight. OK. Almost there, let's do one more round. Side, hammer curl, and relax. Great job. We're moving down to the ground. So place those dumbbells down, out of the way. You're gonna come into a plank position, now. This is a great place to modify if you need to. Alright, so to modify just stay in plank or you can even get down to your I prefer to keep my arms extended. Take your pick. Holding that plank otherwise we're going to move. We're going to take a step out to the side. and then come together, other side. So we're just alternating. It's almost like a horizontal jumping jack. Pretty cool, huh? Either way, whether you're moving with me, or if you're holding, it's a great full body strength exercise. You're going to feel your heart rate come up because you're literally using everything here. You feel it? Of course you do. OK here's the scoop. I want you to mentally think about activating into your core. Yes, you're getting an arm workout. Yes, you're getting a thigh workout. But use your mind to power your mid section. That's what this exercise is about. Here comes the heart rate. Hang in there with me. How you guys doing in that hold? I love it. It's challenging. Take a break if you need to. Whenever you need to take a break. You do it and then join me. One more, and relax. Let's sit back into a child's pose. My favorite. Keep your toes together, knees wide. Take a big, deep breather. Inhale. Exhale. And one more time. Inhale. Exhale. and I just want you to slowly roll up. Great. And we're going to move into our next exercise, my favorite, mountain climbers. Now this is another big heart rate move. Modify it, or take breaks as you need to. Bring your hands out under your shoulders, come back into a wide plank. Now, what we're going to do is we're going to switch our feet forward and back, bringing one foot up. We're going to alternate. Here we go. You can hop or you can make it a slower step. Whatever works for you. Right. I making it a slower step. I'm not in tune with Holly, but this is a modification. And it's still a workout. You're going to see, you're going to feel it, just as much. It's still challenging. We got one minute. Hang in there. Those arms are getting a great workout. They are. I feel mine. And it's really good to get your heart rate back up after you're rested. Yes. That's part of the workout here. It's up and down. Hang in there. Keep breathing. Modify it or take a break as you need to. two, use those abs. Couple of seconds, give me two more, one more and relax. Sit back into a [child's pose] again, all the way back. Knees wide feet together, take a deep inhale, exhale. One more time inhale, exhale. And I want you to slowly roll up. Nice job ladies. That's the biggest part of the workout. We're just going to move into one stretch that's going to make you feel great. Come down onto your side, Extend your legs out, extend that arm out, bend the bottom leg slightly and then I want you to just bring one heel up toward your hip. and just hold for a gentle stretch. You're going to feel the stretch in the front of the thigh. And it's so good to stretch your muscles when they're already warm, so at the end of a workout. This is perfect. it really helps prevent injury too. And it feels great. Yeah. And relax. I love it. It's exciting. This is a stretch that a lot of us don't do on a regular basis I find with my clients, they don't do enough this quad stretching. So, even outside of this workout, this is a great stretch that you can do every day. Just keep that hip moving forward. If you don't feel a big stretch, pull that heel back slightly. Move your top hip forward, and just hold and breathe. We deserve this. So do you. And relax and let's just sit up. And let's find a comfortable taste fit. Take a big inhale up, hold at the top, exhale, stretch up to the ceiling, and just that stretch. let those arms come down. With the arms down let's take a big inhale up, exhale it out. Awesome, you guys did a great job. Give your a round of applause. Good job guys. That was awesome. I love this workout for its complex moves get your heart rate pumping and to get multiple muscles in one work out. That's right, thanks so much for being with us today and be sure to minor other workouts with Holly for a full workout on Fit Sugar TV.

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GUbar GUbar 2 years
I like how they do the stretches AFTER the 10 minute workout in this one. In some of the more recent workouts, they take more than a minute in a half to do a cool-down or stretches and I feel like since it's only 10 minutes, I want that entire ten minutes to be used for exercising. Just a thought.
Lettygirl Lettygirl 3 years
This is amazing!\u00a0 I workout regularly and I could barely walk afterwards!\u00a0 Bookmarking it!
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 3 years
This is a great workout.\u00a0
jaan_black jaan_black 3 years
nice, this will be my strength training before I run
fiery-red fiery-red 3 years
this is great
sirou sirou 3 years
good :p
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