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A 10-Minute, Full-Body Workout by Cameron Diaz's Trainer Teddy Bass

Try This 10-Minute Full-Body Blast From Cameron Diaz's Trainer!

Teddy Bass has trained Cameron Diaz for years, and with our latest installment of Class FitSugar, you can work out with him too! Give Teddy 10 minutes, and he will work your legs, butt, arms, and abs. It's a full-body blast that's as effective as it is fun. Grab a set of dumbbells, press play, and work it!

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In today's [xx] With Sugar with celebrity trainer Teddy Bass, you're going to get a full body workout that's going to maximum your calorie burn. So grab your three to five pound dumbbell, and let's get our heart pumping. So here we are doing our body workout. We're gonna have V and Heather helping us out. And for our modifications? You can follow along with me since I am pregnant. Whoa. So, the first exercise is going to be our plank presses. So we're going to lie down on the floor into our plank position. So we're going to go onto our elbows. feet are hip width apart. Draw those abdominals in. I'm gonna start on the right side. So press up on the right hand, then the left, and then back down. Two, good. So just dropping down, keeping the abdominals Really engaged. This is a chest and a triceps exercise, as well as an abdominal exercise. Good. Three more. I can actually talk and count. Two, girls doing good? Doing great. Beautiful. So we finish, go ahead and go into nice little child's pose stretch. Take a breath. And these are great to do. To stretch out the arms, the shoulders, chest. Exactly. Open up the lower back. Make sure you're drawing those abdominals in. So now we'll go ahead and go to the other side. So we go back into the plate position, and now we start with the left hand. So go up on the left, back to the elbow. Make sure you're pressing right through the hand. And the arm should be underneath the shoulder, and not too far forward. Nice. And Penny, I love how you're opening your hands outward. Yeah, because you're making sure that the exercise is not actually a shoulder exercise. It's focusing on the chest. So as soon as you squeeze the arms, hands together, and child's pose. You actually get a lot of flection in the shoulders. So we really wanna focus on doing the chest and the abdominal. So all planks work the abs. We're just adding a little chest exercise with it. Good, so we're finishing up with those and the child's pose, so now we're gonna come to ending for our second position, which is going to be our mountain climbers, then we're going to advance those into a nice plie. Stabilizing. Starting with the right foot. Ten times. 2, 3 Four. Five. And clearly I'm doing the six modification seven so I'm not eight stepping all the way up. Nine. Now we're gonna do two steps. two, both together, and dance. Back down, feet back. 1-2 both together, and down, down. one, two, both together, and stand. So if you notice these exercises are really making you fire your core, your obliques How we doing over there Z? Great and I love doing the relovie it really works the calves free gift with purchase. Last three. Good. Two more. up, breathing. Remember to breathe, Heather. Last one. Beautiful. Nice job. Great. So, now we're going to go on to our next exercise. We're going to do squat presses with a twist. Dumbbells if you need choose the selected weight that can get you through 20 reps. So, we're going to start with our first squat, and we're going to start with our right arm first. We're twisting up, and lengthening it up, come back to center, and squat. You want to make sure that you're really focusing on the weight, and your foot. So we squat back into the heels, that you want to feel the oblique as you reach to the front. So don't let your body twist too much. Right. So girls, can you feel the difference? I love that, and I love how this is just really incorporating the full body and the obliques. The whole side area. Especially for you, now we can still work parts of your abdominals without actually having to do a typical crunch. Right. So it's all in movement. And I think we have four more. My heart rate's up. And me obliques. Last two. Oh, yeah. Love that word. Beautiful, nice job. So we're gonna move right along. Now we're going do a staggered squat. So the feet are slightly staggered. And we're gonna do a bicep curl. So depending on the weights you have, you can do a hammer curl or you can rotate them. I do a hammer 'cause it's more comfortable. Okay, ladies, here we go. Dropping down to a nice little half squat and curl. Two . Beautiful. And I love the staggered squat concept. It really works different muscles than a regular squat. It actually fires a little bit more of the hamstring in the back leg. Right. Calf is always isometrically contracted on that leg and if you notice we're getting a little peripheral heart action so your heart rate's up a little bit. You should be starting to feel those biceps. Oh, yeah. Okay, could I hear can you hear who? Oh, yeah. You did. Last two. You guys are looking good. Keep it up. And one. Beautiful. Our next exercise is a reverse lunge and then we're gonna stop after we do 10 reps and do a kickback for our triceps. So ladies, we're gonna start on the right foot going back. Perfect. And one. Good. Two. So, you're keeping your body upright, stepping back, and as you pull to the front, really use that front heel and squeeze those abdominals. You get four more, three, two. Now you're gonna stay back on this one. Just lift the leg, pitch your body fowards. Your back is flat, and then kick back. One, two, really squeeze your arms. Keep the shoulder blades down. Four. Are you happy with the weights you chose Heather? Oh yeah. Great triceps workout. Two, and one. Beautiful . Coming back to standing. And now we'll go on the left leg, so the left goes back. And one, stepping up, breathing out as you pull forward. Make sure that you're stabilizing the core, so that you're really drawing those abdominals in. Shoulders stay down. So, if you noticed, I keep saying feel your abdominal breathing, where's just trying to find your center and have you connected those muscles which is you're working. So, really feel the [xx] as you pull up. Last three and two and one. Staying there, pitch forward. Last set. Squeeze 'em back. Two, three, four, five. I love that move. Enjoying. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, beautiful. Come to standing we're going to go ahead to our next excersise side reaching lunge with a reverse fly. So, we're going to step to the right, first. Take the arms out really wide, and then back to center. And left open wide and center. Two. Open wide. Nice. Left side. Open, center. Good, we're half way there. And you wanna tilt the dumbbells up toward the ceiling so you really get into the shoulders, the back making sure the palms are facing back. Yeah. It's a good key. Good. Last one and down. Good. Now, let's go back to that wide position, taking the opposite arm in a wide plié. Take the left arm, go down to the right foot, then bring it back center and over. So, we're doing the side reaching lunge now, but we're keeping our body stationary. So, you sit way back into that glut, feel that butt fire. Yeah. Gonna get a little bit more bicep here and we're gonna feel those obliques on the twist. I don't know if I can walk tomorrow. So long as you get through it today, tomorrow's a gift. Now, we're standing right in the center. Now, you're gonna soften those knees. Now, we're just gonna do an oblique twist. Holding the weights really tight, trying to stabilize that pelvis, stomach is engaged. Good, 10 more. 9. eight, seven, six. Five more, keep it going, stay center in that core, Three, and two, and one. Beautiful. Awesome. Nice job. You guys are doing great. So now we're just gonna finish off with a nice little oblique stretch. So we're gonna hold those weights in the center and we're just gonna go over to the left and center. So we're working a little bit more shoulder here, but what I want you to feel is a nice, good stretch. Feel yourself lengthening out those legs. Breathing through the entire exercise, so you can actually use this as a cool down to bring in the heart rate down. Still working a little bit of the shoulders. Eight more. And this is a really important part of the whole workout. Gotta cool down. Cool down. To create less soreness, correct. Yes. Last two. Beautiful. Gwen, put those weights down. Just turn into a runner stretch on that right leg. Take a deep breath in. I love to hold stretches between five and twenty seconds and now just press back and straighten that front leg, nice good stretch. Beautiful, keep breathing, feel a nice stretch in the hamstring. Good. We're just gonna go to the other side. Runner stretch on the left, take a deep breath in, find your center and then straighten that front leg. Take a breath in. You can lift the heel if you're more flexible. Good. Coming center. Find your center. Roll it up and your ten minutes is good. High five. Good job, you guys. Nice job. Yeah! Yes. I love how this is a full body workout in just a few moves. Thanks, Teddy. My pleasure. Thanks for having me. It was fun. It was fun. Make sure to combine our other workouts with Teddy for a longer session on FitSugar TV. See you next time.

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cooper2 cooper2 3 years
If you have big arms, but want to slim and tone them down, will your arms get bigger doing this workout??
Sarah2412264 Sarah2412264 3 years
This is awesome! Can't wait to try.
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