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10-Minute Full-Body Workout With Tony Horton

Try This 10-Minute Custom Workout From P90X's Tony Horton!

No doubt you've seen the late-night infomercials for the P90X at-home workout — you may have even tried it for yourself. This highly addictive exercise program from trainer Tony Horton combines cardio, balance, strength, and stretch all into a single workout. And now Tony has created this exclusive 10-minute workout for us, combining the best elements from his P90X, X2, and 10-minute trainer programs. After transforming thousands of bodies with his popular exercise program, Tony's here to transform yours.

Start off with an easy five-minute warmup and then get ready to work!

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Fitness guru Tony Horton has been transforming bodies with his P90X, X2, and 10 minute trainer. Today, he's giving us an exclusive 10-minute workout combining all three. Hey, boys and girls. Tony Horton here. I'm the P90X guy. I'm hanging out here with Anna and Danny and we're gonna do a little 10-minute workout, kind of a combination of P90X, X2, 10-minute trainer, a whole potpourri, we have a ton of exercises. We've already warmed up and stretched and got on our foam rollers and I know you have, too. But we're gonna get started. Are you ready to rock? Girls. Yeah. Yes. Push up side arm balance. Watch me, follow along. One minute, right here. So, nice wide feet, there's your push up, roll to the inside and outside of the foot. Raise the hip. Arm up. There you go. We're gonna repeat that on the other side. Push up. Here we go. Raise the hip. Reach up. Good. If you're flexing your core and you're raising your hip, this is easy. You can hang out all day long. No big deal. Nice. And down and up. You really have to stabilize That shoulder as you rotate open. Yeah, isn't that nice? Well, you know, we do regular pushups and those are great. But I like to add a little yoga move in there too, one that adds the stabilizers, right this is synergistic exercise. You're doing a lot of things at once. Not just one thing but multiple things. Now here's our speed and pace. If you wanna go a little faster or a little slower, maybe hold these longer that's okay with me, right? One size does not fit all. Holding it longer really works the core. We're gonna do just one more. Are you ready? Here we go. Check out our backside. Good. and come up. Alright, now, free sprint. Are you ready girls? Run. Run like Forest Gump, people call me. Now I'm going to call out freeze, and when I do that you're gonna lift one leg off the ground and hold it. Freeze. Very strong Go. Knees up. Other leg. Freeze. Oh, there's a cheat. And run. You have to work on your balance. Right. Freeze. How we doing back there? Go. Get the arms going. Cheek cheek with the hands. You know what I mean? Butt cheeks right here. Yeah. And working the shoulders? Nice. Running. so we just did an upper body exercise. Freeze. Now we go to the cardio, right, and the balance. Cardio with balance together. Who said they can't have fun together? Freeze. Go. Freeze. Stumbling. Go. Good, all right. time for core. Everybody down. Feet that way. Here we go. So find your balance point. Hands go out, feet go out. Here. and in. Here and in. Only a minute of this. Now a couple things. Don't forget to breathe. If you wanna modify...Girls, keep going. I'm gonna show you a little break. You can do this. They're not gonna stop, though. Tony, it's too much, dude. Okay, fine. or otherwise hang in there. Try not to grab your knees. Keep your chest and eyes up. Grabbing is fun, right? It's a way to cheat but It's OK. No cheating. Breathing, you're gonna feel this pretty much everywhere hip flexors, core, maybe even your back a little bit but that's not a bad thing. It was good. Lots of core. Open and close. Yes. Keep the feet high. Here's another modification. Right? One foot on the ground. That's all I can do. Couple more. Open, last one. Nice. All right. Super skater, back to balance. I love the balance. All right? So here we go, on one foot. and then out. And then up. And then out. And then up. And then out. We're gonna switch at 30 seconds. Oh, yeah. Lower leg is working. Lower leg, right? Keep your eyes on one spot. As the knee comes up, this right arm goes back. Nice. And you might stumble and fall. You might hop like this. Yeah. All right, I love this rubber surface. All right. Other leg, here we go. So and up. And down. I usually feel one side more stable than the other, so it's good to focus on one side and then the other. Absolutely. This is my bad side. Which side is your bad side? This is my bad side. We're doing both. I think we're both doing pretty well though. Hang in there, boys and girls, you're not going to get this right away. Go as low as you can. Try not to tap the other foot on the ground. If you do, it ain't no big thing, all right? My gluts, my quads. Last one. I've lost my balance. Alright Plank, Plank up. Speaks combo Are you ready? Move sideways again, I'll call it out, you do it this is plank. sphinx. Now engage the core, tilt the pelvis towards the elbows. Separate the hands, palms down and plank and sphinx. And plank. Good times, right? Really good core exercise here. Awesome, basic, simple. Go girls, keep going. I just want to check a couple of things. Incorporating that shoulder work. Nice. Come back up. See how she's nice and square here, no bent knees? This is relatively high, the lower back is relatively high. Good. Come back up to plank. And down. Fifteen more seconds. And up. Hold up. Hanging out. You'll go down. Hold back. Pull the bellybutton to the spine. Tilt the pelvis. Good. Last one at plank. Nice. Next move. Are you ready? Ready. All right, It's cardio time. Hook uppercut. Girls, you ready? Let's go. Hands up, left leg forward. Hook. Uppercut. Hook. Uppercut. Hook. Uppercut. The key to this exercise is big, giant turns. Pivot those feet. Knock him out. Let's see it. Oh, yeah. Nice. All right, we're going to switch right now. Other side. Right leg forward. Hook. Upper -cut, hook. Upper-cut. Hook. Upper-cut. As you can see, I don't know if the cameraman can get this, but look how much action there is in our lower half. Look what's going on with our hips and our feet. Good. Hook. Upper cut. Boom. Powerful, big, giant turn. Hello. Hello. Oh. Couple more. There it is. and time. Nice. Side arm crunch. Are you ready? You can do the advanced version. Okay. Danny's gonna do the other one. So we're here. Extend the arm overhead. Elbow to knee. Elbow to knee. Elbow to knee. All obliques, side obliques. Everything. We're gonna switch it thirty seconds, make sure the hand is under the shoulder. So let the bones in the arm do some work. Your hand's in the wrong place you're straining the shoulders you don't need. One more here. Good. And turn right away. And crunch. And crunch. I wonder if much is going on here. I feel it through my hip to my upper leg, my top leg really working, stabilizing with those abductors. Watch my, see my fingers. They're all spread out. About 13 more seconds here. Nice. Reach and extend. We'll do three more. One, two, three. Now back to the legs. Spin squats. Left leg Forward, reach down with the left hand. We're gonna spin for a minute. Yay! Down, up, down, up down, up. Up, down. Up, down. Now here's our speed and pace. You know what I mean? If you wanna modify, touch your shin. Hey, Tony. I'm not into the jumping but I'm gonna step, okay, if you don't mind. But some of you are saying, hey, ten minutes, I wanna get busy. Down. Awesome. Really getting those hips back and using those gluts to explode. We're more than halfway. So you can see the different versions, right? Modifying. A little bit more intense. Touching the floor. It's burning. Chest and eyes up. Those quads. Chest and eyes are up. Look at my hands. My quads are fired up. Look at my hand. Keep your eyes forward. In here. Get it on up. Get on up. Ten more seconds. This has gotta be good for you. Nice. One more on this side. One on the other. Super dorky. Are you ready? Love it. This is everything. Now we're gonna get sideways so you can see it. Down.shoot the legs back, push up. Cross knee to elbow, push up. Cross knee to elbow, push up. jump up. Enjoy this part. Down. Shoot the legs back. Push up. knee to elbow. Push up. Knee to elbow. Push up. Jump up. Enjoy this part. I'm gonna try a little bit more advanced. Are you ready? back. Knee to elbow. Push up. Knee to elbow. Wow. Push up. Come on up. Let's do one more. down. Hands. Knee to elbow. Nice, Tony. Knee to elbow. Push up. Come on Last move. Are you ready, boys and girls? Flying elbows. Okay. Left leg forward. Open hands, really important. Big range of motion. Across, down across, down, across, down, across. Left, right. Left, right. Oh, I love this in my upper back. Right. See this big ol' turn, take a turn? Core. That one right there. Not all down. All the way from the great state of Pennsylvania, Danny killing it. Beautiful. Nice. Cross, down. One more here. Cross, down. Switch your feet, we're gonna go across and go right arm, are you ready down with the other? Cross, down. Nice. Look at how low we're going. Cross, drop that elbow. Oh, knock him out, really knock him out. See you later, buddy. This is a major trunk exercise. Isn't this great? Feel this through my whole trunk. You can do regular ab move or you can raise your heart rate, burn a bunch of calories, and work your core this way. Three more. There it is. Two more. There it is, last one. Boom! Boom. Let's hear it, there you go. Awesome, yeah. That's 10 minutes, getting it done. Nice job. Thank you so much for that work out, Tony. That wasWe 'll see you guys next time on FitSugar TV. Oh yeah.

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What a pair Anna and Tony are. Somehow they make me want to do this workout, though I bet it's gonna hurt.
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