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Try This Prenatal Lower-Body Workout to Stay in Shape During Your Pregnancy!

Here at FitSugar, we believe that if you stay fit during your pregnancy, then you will have an easier time dropping weight after the baby comes. Keeping your legs strong over the next nine months is crucial, not only for labor, but also for strolling around with your bundle of joy once you're a mom. Here's a 10-minute leg workout for all you moms-to-be. It's simple, safe (but like with any exercise program while pregnant, do talk to your doc first), and will keep your legs and butt strong as your body changes through pregnancy.

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Working out during pregnancy can improve sleep and boost energy. There are certain workouts, like squats, that can have tremendous benefits before and during labor. Today, Sophia Ruiz is here. And some glut workout that is sure to keep your during pregnancy. Hi, I'm here with Ze and Julianne, ready to show you the lower body workout. Perfect. So grab weights, depending on what stage of pregnancy and you can use weights or you don't even have to. You can just sort of hold your belly and support it. Whatever feels comfortable to you. That's right. Let's get it going. You're gonna hold your belly? Definitely. Perfect . And remember that you always wanna check out with your doctor before engaging in any workout during pregnancy. So let's get going. All right, we're gonna go into the plie squat first. Position your toes outward. Bring the waist to the front, tuck your hips in, lower down slowly, squeeze on the way up. Squeeze those inner thighs. There you go. Remember to breathe. That felt good. Yeah, keep squeezing. You doing okay? Yeah. Good. Make sure to keep those shoulders back. Head up, relax. Now during pregnancy, your estrogen production increases, you're gonna gain more weight in your lower body. So this is great for that. Definitely. It really targets those trouble zones. All right. We're gonna hold it down and pulse. Here we go. Remember to breathe. Here you go. Chest out. You don't want to lean forward. Really squeeze those inner thighs. Tuck those hips. Great. Here we go. This'll get your heart rate going too, so you're getting your cardio workout to burn your calories. That's right. That's what we want. Good. Let's go five more seconds. Three, two, one. Perfect. Awesome . Now going into squats. Yeah, we're gonna go into French squats. Go ahead and position your toes forward. You can hold the weights to the sides here. What you wanna do is squeeze back push back like you're leaning into a chair and squeeze up. Push back, squeeze. There you go. Remember to breathe. And you want to keep your feet hip distance apart for this, but depending on the size of your belly, if it's bigger, make sure to account for that and keep your feet at an appropriate distance. Feeling okay? Feeling good. How about you Diane? Feel the burn. Perfect. Keep pushing back. Keep that chest out. And really try to localize the weight in your heels not your toes. That's right. Proper form. Keep breathing. Good. Inhale Fill those lungs up. There you go. Good. Let's go about five more seconds. Good. Get nice and warm. and perfect. Now we're going to do - stand on one foot, you're going to raise the leg out behind you, keep the leg nice and straight, foot flexed, You're gonna feel this in the standing leg too. Good. This is great. And this helps with balance. So, you're actually engaging your abs. Good . Wow. If you feel unstable, go ahead and grab a chair, you can hold onto it. Or a wall. Or a wall. Whatever works for you. Keep raising. Flex that foot. How you doing there, Julianne? Hanging in there. Good. Amazing. Let's switch sides, go here now. Draw the belly in, chest out. Good. And keep breathing. Good. Great. And flexing the foot really helps target all those muscles, your hamstring, your gluts. T hat's right. And slow movements are not all very high; it can be low too. Good. Whatever feels comfortable to you. All right. That's good. Into some side leg lifts now. We're gonna go ahead and go on the ground. Love those. So you're gonna position your elbow down. You can go ahead and put a ball under here if you want more stability. You're gonna keep both legs nice and straight, and you're simply just gonna raise the top leg up. Now for us preggies, we wanna be down on the ground. You actually probably don't wanna raise your side. That's right. And you don't wanna lay on your back. There you go. Keep raising. Good. Yeah. Feel that in the glut there? I do, I do. It really work the legs, it takes a load off the spine as well. Keep breathing. Good. Let's go ahead and do some circles. Circle forward. Bring it as high as you can. Feel that burn back there? I do. Good. Let's go the other way. Good. Keep it going. Inhale. And exhale. Keep breathing going, very important. Good. Now we're gonna switch to the other side. Same thing, keep that bottom leg nice and straight, and raise up. Here we go. You just want to position your front hand in front of your chest. There you go. Flex that foot. Belly's in. Good, let's circle forward. There we go. Big circles. There you go. You guys feeling okay? Yeah. Perfect. Use your abs to protect your back here, too. That's right. You don't want your hips to sway too much either, really try to stay firm. And let's circle backwards now. Good, keep breathing, big circles, finish strong, three, two, one, perfect. All right, let's come on up. Perfect. And go right into the plie squat again. Go ahead and grab your weights, or no weights. Okay. Go ahead and turn the feet out again. Hips back in. Let's go ahead and start and squeeze. good. This is great for the hip flexors. You wanna keep 'em nice and loose for pushing during labor. Good. that 's actually a really good point. All of these moves are really effective. For labor, during pregnancy, to help support your growing belly that 's right. We need that leg straight. Good, keep it going. You feeling okay? I'm doing all right. Keep breathing. Good. Let's go ahead and pulse now again. Good. Squeeze inward. Tilt those hips. Good. And pulsing is great for tiring out the, to allow building more strength and muscle growth. And flexibility. Yeah. All right. Good. Let's go ahead and turn those feet back in. We're going to go into squat again. Remember, chest out, take a deep breath in, and blow it out here we go. And squat. Good. Now remember here again, you wanna keep your feet hip distance apart. But if you have a bigger belly, you can keep them even further apart to allow room for your belly. All right? Okay. Good. Keep going. Reach back like you're sitting in a chair. Reach, squeeze forward. Really keep that weight in the heels. Good. How's the breathing? Breathing is good. Good. Right. Just smile through it. You can do anything. You wanna smile through labor, too. Yeah, it's good, thought you should know, you're a mommy. That's right. Good. So five more seconds. Good, keep it up. My legs are on fire. That's right, good. Get them ready. Good, go ahead and drop the weights. We're gonna go for standing leg lifts again. So go ahead and grab a chair or no chair. Lean forward and pulse. Good. breathe deep. Good, you want to fill those lungs up with oxygen. And you don't have to even lift your foot that high. Right. I mentioned that before. But if you can only go just a little bit off the ground that's fine too. Just tune in to your body and be mindful. Good. Let's switch feet. Good. Draw the belly in, breathe deep. Grab water if you need it at any point. Great . You're really working the inner fibers of the muscle too. Right, good. Good, five more seconds. And, good. Relax. Now we're gonna get into some stretching, which is key for pregnant women. You want to stay flexible and not tense. So let's go ahead and grab the right foot, pull the heel towards the back of your glute there, there you go. Hold it tight. Now if you need some added stability you can use a chair like Julianne or a wall or if you can balance, do it that way. Whatever feels comfortable. Good. You wanna make sure your knees here are together so you're really pulling through the front of your quad. Perfect. Let's go ahead and switch it up. Good. A nice, easy stretch. Good. You wanna stay nice and limber. Yeah, and your heart rate's going down now after doing cardio workout, lower body workout. Great stress reliever as well. Good. And breathe. Now you're gonna go ahead and cross one foot over. You're gonna put ankle to knee, and just slowly sit down. You don't have to go too low. Good. Whatever feels comfortable to you. Keep your chest out to help your balance, keep the breathing. Good. This stretch is deep in the glute muscle. You want to stay nice and loose, it helps your lower back. Keep breathing and the lower back can get really tight with a growing belly. Go ahead and switch. That's right. Keep holding. Get as low as you can. And flex your foot to protect the knee too. Right. Good. My favorite part, I love it. Good. All right, let's go ahead and stretch those hamstrings. Go ahead and put one toe up, you can grab a towel if you need to and pull to get a deeper stretch. But for now we'll just push down on the quad there. Keep your chest out. Good, just give it a little push, you can feel it. Feel it right behind the knee there? Yeah. Good, now moving on, and switch. Perfect. Good. Good job. That's a rap. Great job. Be sure to go at your own pace to not overexert yourself. Thanks, Sofia. You're welcome. Be sure to check out our other prenatal workouts on FitSugar TV. See you next time. Bye.

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