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10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Strength Series

Build Strength During Pregnancy With This 10-Minute Yoga Series

Yoga is a great way to work out when you're pregnant. It strengthens the body for birth while also stretching the tight muscles often associated with pregnancy. Yoga also helps expectant mothers connect with their breath, an important part of managing labor. Try this 10-minute yoga series, created and led by YAS yoga instructor Amanda Cosindas. It works the legs and opens the hips — just what pregnant women need!

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Yoga is a great way to build strength while pregnant. So I'm here with Amanda Cosindas who's gonna take us through a ten minute strength building yoga series. Hi, I'm here today with V who's 33 weeks and Aaron who's 28. And we're gonna go for a short yoga sequence for a healthy active pregnancy. And with any prenatal workout make sure to check with your doctor first before engaging in one. So let's get started. Great standing at the top of your mat, and step your feet parallel to each other, hip distance apart. Take a little bend at your knees and guide your tailbone towards your mat. lift your toes and spread them wide and as you press your feet down into your mat, inhale and stretch the arms wide And then exhale spreading the fingers wide arms back down. It's using your breath create little heat in the body here so again, inhaling, the arms up and then exhale and down. Good and then on more breath just like that. Inhale arms up and exhale Inhaling the arms up again, it's time to step your feet all the way together. Sit down and back into a chair pose. So guiding your tailbone behind you, make sure you can still see your toes. Draw your belly in if you can, and reach your toward your mat. Stretch your fingertips inhale and then exhale your arms wide, clasping your fingers behind your back lift your heart rolling the shoulders open. Folding all the way forward. Reach your knuckles toward the ceiling and just let your head hang. If you need to create a little more space for your belly, you can step your feet wide just like Lee just did. Good. Reaching the fingertips the knuckles up. Inhale your way back up to standing with a nice flat back. It helps stretch your arms up. and then exhale fold forward placing your hand down on your mat. Step or hop yourself back to plank Now if you'd like to, you can put your knees down to support your weight a little bit here, or you can stay up on the balls of your feet. Inhale big breaths and then exhale as you lower slowly down, either halfway to hover or come all the way flat. Inhale forward to upward dog. And exhale back to downward dog Good. Everyone take a couple of deep breaths in this downward dog. hiding your heels with your toes. Reach your tailbone up and spiral the triceps in towards your face. Inhale a big deep breaths and exhale down. Now, as you inhale let's shift forward to plank again. exhale lower down, either halfway to hover all the way flat, inhale through to upward dog, rolling those shoulder heads back, then exhale back to down dog. inhale all the way to fold, and exhale to empty One more time through that plane series, inhale show shift forward to plane, exhale as you come down, inhale through the upper shoulder, heads back, and then, if you want, you can pass to your knees, back to downward dog. taking a deep breath in and exhaling out. Good just creating space here for your belly more so in your spine. Stretching and lengthing the backs of your legs. Now to move a little more remember if you ever need to rest, you inhale and stretch your right leg up and then exhale as you step your foot through. Place your back kneel down, inhale as you rise to Warrior I. You're going to work from your feet and work your way up to really root those heels down into your mat square the hips to the front, and stretch in the reach to the fingertips. Inhale a nice deep breath, and then exhale to Warrior II. stretching and reaching through the fingertips, press the front knee back so you can see your big toe. Really opening the hips preparing for childbirth. Direct your tailbone towards your mat, inhale a big deep breath and then exhale and reverse your warrior. In stretching reaching straight up creating length with your spine. You want to constrain your front leg and extend that and reach up and away from your big toe on your front foot. Inhale nice deep breaths and then exhale back down towards your tail, bring a palm and take a breath in and now exhale, reach forward and down into your extended side and let's modify and place the elbow to the knee. Making a nice straight line from the heel to the head. Stretching and reaching through your top hand. Sink your hips down a little bit more if you can opening through that hip space. Inhale one more breath and then exhale your hands both back down to your mat, stepping back to plank, inhale a big deep breath here, exhale as you lower Good, inhale forward and up and to up and out and then exhale down and out. Good, let's take a big deep breath in. And sigh it out. Beautiful. Now let's take the left side. Inhaling and lengthening that left leg up, and as you exhale, step the foot through, place the back heel down, and inhale rise to Warrior I. Now if any point you need to, you can modify by resting your hands on your hips. Good. Lifting to your waist. Good. Making sure your your back stays long and strongly and have a big deep breath here and then exhale transition into your Warrior II. Reach through the fingertips. Good, exhale all your breath, inhale reverse to Warrior I. Good. Really reaching straight up and lengthening your spine when you do this. If you'd like to here, you can straighten your front leg on that reach making a long line of energy from the toes to the fingertips and then exhale back down to warrior 2. pause for a breath, exhale back to where you [xx] Inhale your heart to the ceiling, and exhale your hands to your mouth. step back to plank here, deep breaths in, exhale as you lower down. Inhale, dragging the heart forward and up and then exhale, downward dog. Pausing in this downward dog, take a big breath in and exhale now. And again, deepest breath in, filling your body with air. Inside Good, now gently make your way down to your knees. And coming up to all fours here. We're gonna take a little [xx] cap This is a great abdominal strengthener when you're pregnant, because it takes the pressure off your belly. So with your wrist in line with your shoulders, align your knees with your hip. As you inhale, stretch your heart forward and up, and then as you exhale lift your center, curling your tailbone down. Good. It will take five more just like that, inhale, left to the chest drag in the heart forward and then next step really scoop your body as much you can. Good release in the back, and then again inhaling forward. Good. And then exhale, scooping your belly in. Good. Two more like that. Inhaling forward. And then exhale, scoop in the belly, good. Inhaling, last one. Good, and then exhaling out. Good. Let's sit back into your child's pose bringing your toes together. Bring your knees wide apart. and just stretch the arms in front of you and just take a little rest here creating space for your belly. Good, big deep breath here. Inhale one more breath all the way to full. And exhale it out. Good, from here we're going to rise to the knee and take a camel pose. So tuck the toes under. That's going to help protect your low back here. OK. Place your hands down on your [xx]. So that's the point below your waistband. Roll the shoulder heads back, elbows towards each other. Inhale, lift your heart, and then exhale just real slowly back. Just take it as far as feel comfortable. You're really creating an opening here for the front of your body, giving your baby a little space and a little stretch. Think of lifting your heart straight up toward the ceiling, inhaling one more big deep breath And then rising slowly back up, and come down into a child's pose. Toes touching knees. Why? Pause here for a big, deep breath in and exhale it out. It's important any time you do a back bend, to release the spine in the opposite direction. inhaling another big, deep breath, and exhale it out. In again, deepest breath in. and [xx]. Good. Slowly rise, walking yourself up. Good. You can keep your knees wide or bring them together, place your palms in front of your heart. And let's close with a nice deep breath in, all the way to full. And [xx] out. Namaste. Thanks so much, Amanda. Thank you, Zee [sp?]. See you next time on Fit Sugar TV.

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jesses5 jesses5 2 years
WELL WELL WELL I just happen to be 6 months pregnant! What I have found is that every "body" and every pregnancy is different. What works for one person is not what will work for another. My personal experience is that I was very limited! Shocking to my psyche! I did and do not feel good doing much more beyond the simple external poses like triangle and ardha chandrasana and warrior two and then some stretches and a little inversion time. At times I enjoyed modified sun salutes. I have had pregnant students who practice up to weeks before birth who say that yoga saved them and it felt amazing. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and what it needs. Don't do twists or jump around. Stop the folds when you can't fold. offers great pre natal classes that you can do in the privacy of your own home. They are also offering a 14 day free trial, so its definitely worth giving a shot!
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