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10-Minute Strength-Building, Fat-Blasting Workout

Get Back to Basics With This 10-Minute Strength-Building Workout

If you're looking for a no-excuses workout, we have one for you. It's only 10 minutes, works your entire body, and doesn't require any props — although you can add light hand weights to some of the moves to increase the burn. This quick workout will get your heart rate up to burn calories while strengthening your legs, arms, abs, and butt. Press play and get ready to sweat.

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I always say, before you build a house, you must pour the concrete. The same is true with your workout. So today, we're bringing it back to the basics to build a solid foundation of strength for your body. Okay guys, we're getting ready for the workout. We have Heather here, and Alisha, to get it done. You can grab a pair of two to five pound weights, or none, you don't need them, but you can add them for some resistance. We're going to start with the inchworm. Okay, so walking out you're going to walk all the way out into a push up position. Use those shoulders. Drop it down into a plank and then back up into a push-up position. Walk it in about half way, get that great stretch through the hamstrings, and then walk it back out. So coming back down onto those elbows and pressing it up. So you're working those shoulders, getting a nice stretch here through the hamstrings. Walk it back out. Down unto those elbows, up unto those hands. How are you ladies doing? Great. Yeah, I really do feel it everywhere. Yeah. You feel it through the shouldersTo the core. And you're getting that nice stretch to get you warmed up. Love it. Open up that whole posterior chain, one more ladies. Walk it out. Drop it down. Push it up and walk it all the way back into the top. Excellent job. Good work. So we're gonna go into a little pogo hop adding that jumping jack. So pop off the balls of the feet. You want to bring those arms up nice and long. Try to keep yourself on the balls of the foot and bring that toe up towards the sky. Good. You ladies are all right back there? Right. Getting that cardio up, getting the shoulders working. We're gonna switch into a seal jack. So we're just gonna bring our arms forward and then out wide. So you're getting bigger stretch through the chest, shoulders, lower body, so those calves, those feet, getting warm, building a solid foundation from the ground up. Let's go into scissor jack. So criss cross, alright? Different, right? Love it. Getting those inner and outer thighs. Open up that chest, your back is working. Now you've got a bigger range of motion to go through. And relax. Good, so that's just a quick warm up getting everything going. Next we're going to go into a squat. reach. So grab your light weights if you have them, if you want to add resistance, or none, okay. Have your feet about shoulder width apart, gonna go down into a squat. Lower yourself down, raise up one arm, two arms, stand up tall, and then come back down nice and easy. Get the hips back, raise it up one, two and then stand. You're getting your entire backside. You're working those glutes, those quads. A little bit of shoulders. Where do you guys feel this? Definitely glutes. I feel it in my shoulders especially right there when I'm standing straight up. Going straight up. Good. Your entire back side, your glutes and quads, drop it down, Almost there. Raise it up. Stand. Good, coming back down, one more guys. Raise it up, nice and long, stand and relax. Good. Okay. Now split lunge position. I wanna drop that back foot. Okay. We're going to go into an isometric split lunge. So, drop that back knee. Feeling it through the legs. Bring your arms up so that your elbows are at ninety degrees. You want to show those palms, and then you want to show those knuckles. Keep your elbows high. Even with your shoulders, pull it back up. Good. So it's a rotation called a scarecrow. You want to keep those elbows up high. Get a great rotation through your shoulders to really work on the rotator cuff muscle. You know I can feel this without any weight. Exactly. Some people need to work on just the stretch itself. Good. Come up and then switch legs. Bring that leg up, drop it back down. Good. Rotate and bring it high. Can you feel those quads and those glutes really holding you in position? You're going to feel the burn through the back of the shoulder front of the shoulders. Good. And this is that joint integrity you need in those upper body muscles right? Good. Rotator cuff. Last one, bring it down, raise it up. Excellent. Now, we're going to set the weights down and go down for our perfect push up. Okay we're gonna come down to the floor for our push up position. I want everyone to start on their belly's. Okay. You can do this modified from your knees or from the toes regular push-up position. Hands right next to your chest, under your shoulders. We're gonna come from the down position and press up to those arms all the way to the top. Pause. Slowly lower it back down to the floor. Bring your chest down, pick up the hand pinch the shoulder blades. And then press up again. Push up. Good. So we're going to that full range motion and getting that full 90 degree bend in those elbows. Good. And you can go from those knees if you need a modification. That's totally fine to do. Good. Takes off a little bit of the weight. Lower it down. Working that entire upper body, do you guys feel that? Oh yeah. I notice a big difference pulling my hands off the ground. Really four into motion. You do. You get your entire body to sink down onto the floor and you're pushing through that full range of motion. Working the shoulders, chest, triceps and back. Good. Last two. Good. bring it all the way down. One more guys. Pass it through. Good, strong core and then bring it all all the down, nice. Next we're going to into a plank and leg lift. Go back into that push up position, keeping those feet about shoulder width apart or looser. Okay, you're just going to lightly pick up one foot, couple inches, set it back down, the other foot. Good, so you want to keep your abs pulled in tight. You want your shoulder blades pulled down away from your ears. Okay, you're working your whole entire midsection here, your low back, glutes, abdominals. How you ladies feeling? Should your core start shaking? Definitely, I feel my core shaking. That means you're doing it right. That's it exactly. Good, a couple more seconds guys. Good, keep those abs holding tight. Don't let those hips sag at all. Good, you don't want to drop it. Bellies pulled in strong, glutes are firing. Last two, and relax. Good. Now bring it all the way down to your belly. So that was a little bit of core work. This is a little bit more back and core. So you're going to bring those arms back to your sides. This is the swimmer, so lift that chest, raise it up there, bring those arms forward, right over your head and back. Good. I love the breathing you guys. So focusing on that breath. Good. Feel it through the middle back, upper back and low back. Ladies, you doing OK? Awesome. Good. Keep that chest high. Nice job, Good. Isometrically working that entire back side and those shoulders are getting a good burn. You guys feel the shoulders? Good. Last two. Raise it forward. Last one. Bring it all the way to the top, good. And then stretch it on the way back. You can give yourself a little bit of a stretch there, all right, because this is our ten minutes so we gotta split. We are going into a reverse plank and bridge, so you want your hands underneath the shoulders, your heels into the floor. You're going to lift those hips nice and high. Raise it up, open those shoulders, lightly drop it down to the ground. Good. Repeat it, lift. Getting the glutes to fire, the hamstrings, the calves engage, pressing through the heels, open up the shoulders, get that great stretch and create that nice straight line. all the way towards the sky. Good. Feels great after all those winters. Yeah. Exactly. You're still working that entire posterior chain. You guys can add a challenge, ladies, if you feel like it. You can go one-legged. Burns the glutes a little bit more. Good. You can switch and alternate: lifting, lowering. I love it, press through. Good, last one. And come down. Okay, so we're in position. Grab a lightweight if you have it. If you don't want any weight you don't need it. You're gonna slightly lean back. Now we're gonna do a little open chest fly with a side winder stabilized, we are going to open up the arm. Stabilize it in the middle. Bring it together and switch. Good. So a little bit of isometric control. You're opening up that chest and shoulder. Working that part, working that shoulder. Good and then stabilizing with the core, the back. I love this. This is good. Great for the core. You don't always have to be doing crunches. stabilizer work the trunk. That's it. Isometrically stabilizing that upper body from the ground. Good. really calm. I can tell it's working my entire body right now. I'm shaking. Good out there, good job guys. And relax. Awesome. Bring it back up to the feet. Grab both of your weights if you have them. Again, you can go with no weights. This is a single-legged balance, touch and press. So we're gonna bend that knee and hip. Touch down. Raise it up towards the sky. If you lose your balance that's okay. Bend that knee and hip. Touch down. Raise it up. So you're working that leg, and a little bit of balance, a little bit of shoulder and core. Good ladies. Keep it fired up. Good. That single leg in. That is when we know you are working. Usually I have one side stronger than the other. So, hopefully my other side will be better. Good. And let's switch so I can get this other leg working. So bend that knee and hip, bend it forward. Try to keep a flat back. I make one. Oh good so you're not making me look bad anymore Heather? Keep it going. Raise it up. Extend that knee and hips. The heavier weight, the harder it is so you want to try to go with no weights to first start it off and then add the weight if you can. Press it up. Good, nice job. Last two. Drop it down. Raise it up, good. The last one, let's just go down into a little hold. Let's hold that squat, let's punch it up. Back and forth, last couple seconds, you guys can do it. Glutes, quads, shoulders, lower back, and core. Awesome. Last one, last two, and bring it up. Nice job ladies, high fives around the house. Thank you. We hope you enjoyed the workout. We will see you next time on FitSugar TV.

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