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A 10-Minute Yoga Flow Series

10-Minute Yoga Flow Series to Lengthen and Tone

We love that yoga lengthens tight muscles while also toning them. The ancient practice focuses the breath, clears the mind, and it can also be a great workout!

Try this 10-minute yoga flow series created by celeb yoga instructor Ursula Vari to work your legs and abs while keeping your heart rate up. Grab a mat, press play, and get your yoga on.

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In today's FastFitSugar we're going to prove to you that yoga can be just as intense as any other cardio workout. So we invited celebrity yoga teacher Ursula Vari to lead us through a 10 minute yoga vinyasa series that is sure to leave you dripping in sweat. So today we're going to do a flow sequence incorporating warrior one, warrior two, and [xx]. So today I'm here with Susi and Achbetta [sp?], let's get started. So stand at the top of the mat with the feet together toe knuckles touching, you're going to drop your tailbone, I know you think arching is sexy but not safe bring you and would bring the hands together to your heart. Anyhow, reach the arms up overhead. And on the exhale fold forward, bring it down. Inhale goes up, exhale and step back into high plank upward push up position. Take a breath and look straight ahead bend the elbows and lower the handsup into up-dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. We normally hold our down dog for five breaths, but today since wanna keep you moving, we're going to hold it for three. Inhale, bend the knees, press back. Exhale, walk, Jump to the [xx] inhale, look up, exhale fold forward as [xx] and bring the hands together to your heart. Let's do that one more time, inhale, reach up, [xx] and lift the kneecaps Exhale fold forward. Inhale, gaze up, step, or if you're more of an advanced student you can jump back into [xx] lower. Inhale foot forward and up until [xx] exhale downward facing. take a deep breath in through the nose. Open your mouth, stick your tongue out. Ah Good. Bend the knees spread it back, walk or lightly jump to the end. Inhale. Gaze up again. Exhale. Fold forward. Bend the knees, swing the hips and just your bring your arms alongside your body. Keep the neck long, the heart lifting. How's this so far, Suzie? Feels good. Wanna try to squeeze your knees together and reach the arms forward inhale all the way up into chair pose. Exhale forward halfway. Inhale back to chair pose. Exhale, fold half way. Inhale, back to chair pose. We're just going to stay there, keep the tail bone dropping down, how's that feeling? You good? Great, yeah. Awesome! Sink lower and try bashing out. So let's do a traditional Sun Salutation B series. Are we ready? Inhale, come to chair pose. Exhale, fold all the way down. Inhale, gaze up. Step one lightly jump back as you know it. Gather around. inhale, pull forward and up into up dog, exhale, downward facing dog. Lift the right leg up, inhale. Stepping between the head put your back foot slide down, inhale slowly warrior one, deep bend in the front knee, exhale. Maybe sit down stepping back see if you can keep the right leg lift or maybe cross the ankles as you lower down. Good job. Inhale, up dog. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Inhale, left leg lift. Exhale, step in high between the hands back with flat warrior one, take your time as you rise. Exhale, release, sit down again. Keep the left leg lifting as you sweep it back [xx]. Inhale up dog, glide and finish your exhale. In down-dog. Let out a sigh, a sound, a grunt a moan, anything goes. that would be the right leg up, extra step between the hands. That's what and just bring your arms alongside your body. And let's do our variation to warrior one, make sure you're working with the back leg, right Inhale, warrior one, exhale fold half way, inhale warrior one exhale fold half halfway. Inhale warrior one and exhale release the hands down to the ground. If you wanna challenge yourself, do your turn around fingertips, lowering down slowly. Move forward and up into up dog. Exhale. Downward facing dog. left step it between the hands, back foot flat, arms alongside your body. Inhale warrior one exhale, fold half way. The neck is long, the spine is long. Inhale, warrior one. Exhale, fold halfway, beautiful breath you guys. Inhale warrior one and exhale, release it down again. I welcome you, Suzie to try it longer around the fingertips. Not today. I've never done that before. Inhale, exhale. Does that strengthen your wrist? Exhale downward facing. Absolutely. Yeah. I'm going to try it next time. All right. Lift the right leg up when you're ready. Exhale, step in between the hands. Warrior one, slowly. Open up to warrior two. Take a deep breath in. Right hand outside of the right foot, use your belly back to warrior two. Right hand inside and the right turn at the exhale. Inhale warrior two, right hand outside. Inhale, warrior two. Right hand inside, we're gonna hold it there for two deep breaths. Keep pushing into the the outer edge of the back foot keeps scooping the right hip underneath you. These are great. Look down from the belly. Warrior two. And on the exhale release it down slowly Try it. I'm going to try it. Let's do it. Inhale. Exhale. Downward facing. Now what do you think? think Susie? I don't know, I think I'm going to have to - I'm going to try it again though. All right, lift the left leg, exhale, step in between the hands, left foot flat, warrior one, and open up to warrior two. Take a deep breath in, left hand out fireseal left arm in have backup left hand inside in have backup left hand outside. Inhale back up. Left hand inside. You just gonna stay there again scoop Left hip underneath you. If you have the mobility, you're welcome to put the left arm flat on the ground. Expand across your heart. Beautiful, look down, push into your back foot, all the way up to warrior two. And exhale release it down slowly. Keep the left leg lifting maybe on your finger tips. Here we go, lower down, inhale, up dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. Take a deep breath in through the nose. Blast it out. Ha. Good. Inhale. Right leg. Exhale. Step in between the hands. Inhale, warrior one. Exhale, warrior too. Inhale, reverse warrior. Exhale. Come on down. Stepping back. Gather around that. Up dog on the inhale. Down dog on the exhale. Left leg lift. step in between the hands. Warrior one, warrior two. Reverse it and exhale and release it down. Poor Vinessa, That's what the connecting movements called. Inhale up-down. Exhale. And then walk your feet through the hands. Squat down, sit down and lie down. Once you're on your back, I'd like you to get the soles of the feet together, interlace the fingers behind your head. You're going to bring your feet towards your navel as much as you can and keep the feet gluing together. Inhale lower. Exhale. Lift all the way up. Inhale lower down. Exhale. Lift all the way up. inhale, lower down. Exhale, come all the way up. So keep doing that at your own pace. And five more, here we go, forward, keep breathing, straighten, and two, and one. Stay up there for three breaths. How's that, Susie? I love it. I love it. Can you get up higher? Achpeta, can we get up higher? Alright let's lower down. You're done with that. Let's bring the feet, hip-width apart, flat on the ground. Take a deep breath in. Exhale. Press your pelvis all the way up to the ceiling. Interlace the feet on your knees. Breathing in. Breathing out. And for an added challenge, take a breath in. and exhale. Lift the right leg up. Point the right toes. Good. And switch sides. Take a breath in. Exhale. Lift the left leg up. Place the left foot down on the ground. Press up the highest you can go. And slowly release it down. One vertebrae at a time. Stretch out. Take as much space as you need. Roll the shoulders back and down. And allow the benefits of your practice to sink in. Shavasana, let's take one final deep breath. And on the exhale, go for it. first of all that was a great class. I feel totally worked, yet relaxed. Thank you very much. You're very welcome. Catch you next time on FitSugar TV. Have a nice day.

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