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150-Calorie Snack Packs Perfect For Traveling

Dec 30 2016 - 6:30am

One simple way to avoid an expansion of your waistline while traveling is to pack your own snacks. Here are 11 150-calorie snack-pack ideas perfect for any long car trip or flight. Just assemble your snack, bag it, and then pack it in your purse or carry-on. Not only will you save some calories, but you'll also save some dough.

Grapes and Peanuts

Prewash and thoroughly dry 15 grapes (51 calories [2]), and place them in a baggie with 16 peanuts (94 calories [3]).

Total calories: 145

Cheese and Crackers

Grab a baggie and put in one mozzarella cheese stick (80 calories [4]) and eight Kashi Honey Sesame Crackers (64 calories [5]).

Total calories: 144

Pear With Almonds

Pears are great for fiber, which is essential for staying regular while traveling. Prewash and dry one small pear (86 calories [6]). Place it in a baggie with nine almonds (62 calories [7]).

Total calories: 148

Hummus and Cucumber Slices

Put two tablespoons of roasted red pepper hummus (50 calories [8]) in a small plastic cup with a lid (or buy individual serving cups). Cut up one medium cucumber (45 calories [9]), and place slices in a baggie.

Total calories: 95

Kiwi and Cereal

Kiwis are another great source of fiber. Wash one kiwi (42 calories [10]), peel, and slice it. Measure out half a cup of Barbara's Shredded Oats cereal (88 calories [11]), and place it all in a baggie.

Total calories: 130

Pretzels With Raisins

Open a baggie and fill it with 16 Newman's Own Spelt Pretzels (96 calories [12]) and 1/8 cup of golden raisins (55 calories [13]).

Total calories: 151

Banana and Triscuits

One small banana (89 calories [14]) makes a perfectly sweet and filling snack. Pair it with three Triscuits (60 calories [15]), and pop everything into a bag.

Total calories: 149

Strawberries and Graham Crackers

Grab eight medium strawberries (31 calories [16]) with two sheets of graham crackers (130 calories [17]).

Total calories: 161

Apple and Cashews

Prewash a small apple (80 calories [18]), and enjoy the apple with eight cashews (72 calories [19]).

Total calories: 152

Red Pepper and Corn Chips

Wash and cut one red bell pepper into strips (30 calories [20]), and pair the slices with eight Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Corn Chips (112 calories [21]), bagged separately, of course.

Calories: 142

Carrots With Dried Apricots

Count out 18 baby carrots (63 calories [22]) and five dried apricots (83 calories [23]).

Total calories: 146

Applesauce and Oat Cereal

Go Go Squeeze portable applesauce pouches are easy to eat and have no sugar or weird ingredients added. And you don't have to worry about them bruising like fruit. Start with one applesauce pouch (60 calories [24]) and bag it with half a cup of Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat Cereal (80 calories [25]).

Total calories: 140

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