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20-Minute Resistance-Band Home Workout

Catch Fire Like Katniss: 20-Minute Hunger Games Workout

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Want to nab an athletic body just like Catching Fire's Katniss? You can train like a tribute at New York Sports Club, which is offering a Hunger Games-themed circuit class in honor of the blockbuster sequel starring Jennifer Lawrence. The class promises to help build strength, endurance, and agility — all required for dodging knives, arrows, and blunt objects if you ever find yourself in a battle for your life. Luckily, you don't need to be near a gym to fit in this heart-rate-raising under-20-minute workout. NYSC trainer Shayne Staley shares with us a modified version of the circuit class; all you need are a resistance band (and bench, if possible) and a space in your home. Perform each circuit for one minute, resting for 15-20 seconds in between each exercise. Repeat two to three times.

1. Beetee Bicep Curls

Source: New York Sports Club

Stay strong like Beetee with challenging resistance-band bicep curls.

  • Stepping on the resistance band with both feet so that the handles are even on either side, stand up tall. Keep a soft bend in the knees, abdominals drawing in.
  • Starting with your arms alongside your body, palms facing forward, curl your hands to your shoulders. Control them down as you release your hands back to starting position.

2. Finnick Trident Triceps

Source: New York Sports Club

Pretend you're holding Finnick's fierce trident while you perform this move.

  • Stepping on the resistance band with one foot, grab the opposite end of the band with the same-side hand.
  • Start with your upper arm and elbow lengthened up to the ceiling behind your head and your hand close to the middle of your shoulder blades. Try to keep your elbow where it is as you extend your arm straight and squeeze your triceps.

3. White Rose Rows

Source: New York Sports Club

The President Snow-worthy move will help you stand tall.

  • Stepping onto the resistance band with one foot, assume a split stance (one foot forward, one foot back, bending your front knee and lengthening through the back leg). Hinge forward from the hips so that your back makes a nearly 45-degree angle between the floor and ceiling.
  • Keep the torso square, and pull the working elbow up, back, and in toward the midline while squeezing that shoulder blade in closer to the middle of the back. Release your arm, with control, back to starting position.

4. Forcefield Planks

Source: New York Sports Club

Pushing on a wall — so much like trying to find a weak spot in the forcefield.

  • Facing a wall, find a plank position, placing your hands about a foot's distance away from the wall (adjust as needed). Keep the hips and shoulders in line, abs in tight, and raise one arm straight out in front of you. Press that hand into the wall, and squeeze/firm your abs for 10 seconds.
  • Return your hand back down to plank position, and then repeat on the other side.

5. Monkey Jump Box Jumps

Source: New York Sports Club

If you don't have a box, bench, or other stable surface to jump on, skip this move.

  • Starting with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing straight forward, take a small squat by bending the knees, and then push off the floor and jump to land in a small squat on the bench.
  • Press into the feet and jump off the same way, returning to starting position. Make sure to land softly, with bent knees, and to get your whole foot on the box.

6. Katniss Agility Jumps

Source: New York Sports Club

If a box/step/bench is unavailable, this is a great alternative for building endurance and agility.

  • Place the resistance band on the floor as a marker. Starting with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing straight forward, take a small squat by bending the knees, and then push off of the floor and jump to land in a small squat on the other side of the band.
  • Press into the feet and jump back over the band in the opposite direction, returning to starting position.
  • This can be executed laterally side to side (top photos) and/or back to front (bottom photos).
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