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5 Reasons To Love Running

I was not always a runner. I would opt for anything else for cardio, than running, even the StairMaster.

However after spending some time getting into it and working on my technique, I can officially call myself a 'runner'. This feels good. Maybe you're not into running (or even jogging) just yet, but maybe I can inspire you. So besides the fact that the cardio is really good for your heart, here are my top five reasons to love running:

  1. It Gives You A Runner’s High: Sounds cliché, I know, but it's true. After running, my endorphins are pumping and I feel great.
  2. It Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment: This point is important, especially for anyone who's ever looked at a runner and said, "I could never do that." The truth is that you can run and once you do, you'll feel very accomplished and proud of yourself.
  3. It Gives You Measurable Progress: In other words, it's easy to see improvement in endurance. In the beginning of running, you may only be able to run half a mile before conking out. However, after each session you'll be able to go just a little bit further and before you know it you'll be running five miles with no problems.
  4. It Burns Calories: Pretty self explanatory and anything that burns major calories is alright in my book.
  5. It's Free: You can run anywhere, anytime. True, you should get some good running gear and a great pair of running sneakers, but running does not require a trainer or gym membership. We were born knowing how to run.

Have your own reasons for loving running? Add them in the comments section below.


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