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5 Things: You'll Learn In Your First Pilates Session

5 Things: You'll Learn In Your First Pilates Session

If you are curious about Pilates but want to know a little bit more about what to expect at your first class - here's a list of five concepts you will likely learn early on in your first session or group class.

  1. Finding your deep abs, aka transverse abdominis. You work your deep abs in every Pilates exercise, so chances are you will start here. These deep muscles can be hard to isolate without squeezing your bum or tucking your pelvis.
  2. Breathing. Every exhale is a chance to work your deep abs since they work when you force an exhale. Sounds simple but it takes a little practice. You will also learn how to inhale without tensing your shoulders.
  3. Finding neutral spine is a key part of the Pilates repertoire. You will learn how to keep your spine in neutral alignment (keeping its natural curves) while you a) breathe and b) move.
  4. Articulating your spine - this means moving one vertebra at a time. Basically this is the opposite of the "neutral position" and works the flexibility of your spine.
  5. Learning the upper abdominal position - you want to be able to lift your head without straining your neck and to find the spot to optimize your upper ab work.
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