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5 Ways to De-Stress and Feel Healthy

De-Stress Out With These Five Tips

Stress makes the body and the mind tense and can inspire a flood of unhealthy decisions. While exercising definitely helps alleviate stress, we've pulled together five more ways to help you cool your jets.

Tackle the To-Do List
The more we put off the items on our to-do list, the longer the list grows, and the more it contributes to elevated stress levels. Schedule a “Blitz Day” to knock out all those items you’ve been avoiding. Rise early in the morning and spend the entire day knocking out the items on your list. Your stress will be lower as you cross items off, but more importantly, you’ll realize just how effective and industrious you can be when you apply the full force of your will to accomplish things.

Turn Off After Work
Turning off electronics gives you more time to be active and also gives you more time to focus on the relationships in your life. To make this more of a priority, when work is over for the day, turn the computer off. Leave your phone at home when you are out with friends for the night. And even though it may sound crazy in this day and age, you'll find it liberating.

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Create a De-Stress Routine
If you have just survived another manic Monday, it is time to de-stress. Just like a morning ritual helps you wake up on the right side of the bed, a relaxing, post-work routine can help you unwind in the evening. Your ritual can be as simple as changing your clothes, stowing your briefcase in your bedroom closet, or washing your face. Preferably your ritual should be something healthier than pouring yourself a stiff drink.

Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation
With Progressive Muscle Relaxation you focus on slowly tensing and then relaxing each muscle group. The idea is that you focus on the difference between muscle tension and relaxation, which allows you to become more aware of physical sensations. What's more? Concentrating on relaxing your muscles makes it harder to think about stressful problems and events.

Massage Your Own Neck and Shoulders
Stress for can go straight to your neck and shoulders, making them stiff and sore. Staring at a computer all day certainly doesn't help. If you can't get away for a Summer vacation, try to relieve some of the Summer stress by giving yourself a little shoulder massage.

Tell us: what technique helps you combat your stress?

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