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The Breakfast Trend You Need to Try Now

Jul 14 2015 - 2:20am

Let us introduce you to a satisfying and guilt-free breakfast: the acai bowl. This diet-friendly treat marries the refreshing taste of a fruit smoothie [1] with the crunchy satisfaction of a filling bowl of granola. Thanks to the superfruit acai [2], this healthy and delicious bowl is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential amino and fatty acids that will keep you feeling healthy and strong, both inside and out.

It's easy to whip up your own version of this delicious treat at home. The basic recipe combines acai juice, powder, or smoothie pack (which you can pick up at your local grocery store or order online [3]) with a mixture of your favorite frozen and fresh ingredients. Make sure to look for acai products that are 100 percent pure so you can enjoy the full, rich taste of the fruit. To make your own bowl [4], blend your acai (we like using the smoothie packs) with a mix of your favorite frozen fruits along with a splash of liquid, like almond milk. You're aiming for a smooth, rich texture — like a healthy version of ice cream. Once you're done, top with your favorite healthy toppings, like granola, fresh fruit, and chia seeds, and enjoy!

To help you get motivated to try this delicious morning meal, we've rounded up 16 acai bowls that are fueling our craving and providing some serious breakfast inspiration. Scroll through to find out the creative ways to enjoy this healthy, sweet treat.

For a tropical twist, top your bowl with slices of fresh or frozen mango. The sweet fruit will add a flavorful kick.

For an extra dose of vitamins, blend a cup of fresh spinach or kale into your bowl.

Boost weight loss by topping your bowl with antioxidant- and fiber-rich berries.

Blend frozen bananas into your acai smoothie to give it a delicious, creamy texture (and extra potassium).

Top your acai bowl with a serving of chia seeds [5] or, if you prefer, blend them into your smoothie mixture for extra fiber and omega-3s.

Sprinkling granola over an acai bowl is a healthy way to enjoy a serving of the delicious cereal. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even make a batch of healthy granola [6] yourself!

If you love coconut, use coconut milk or water in the smoothie base and for added texture, sprinkle your acai bowl with rich and delicious coconut flakes.

Have a sweet tooth? Try topping your morning bowl with a sprinkle of cacao nibs.

Add almonds to your smoothie bowl for an extra punch of protein and fiber.

When blending your smoothie, throw in fresh watermelon for an extra touch of sweet.

Chill out on a hot Summer day by topping your bowl with frozen berries.

Since acai is full of amino and fatty acids, enjoy a bowl after a morning workout to maximize muscle regeneration.

No two acai bowls need to be alike. Experiment with your favorite ingredients and toppings to find a mix that you love.

Eat the rainbow! Maximize your daily dose of vitamins and minerals by topping this treat with fruits in every color.

Top your bowl with goji berries, which not only contain essential amino acids and vitamin C, but also are high in fiber to help fill you up.

Add peanut butter to your morning bowl for an extra dose of protein to keep you full all day long.

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