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Advice on Running With Dogs

Weigh In: My Running Buddy's Annoying Dog Habit

All you dog lovers out there will be able to relate to this fuzzy situation. Can you offer advice to this FitSugar reader?

My issue isn't a big one, but it doesn't mean it's not annoying, so tell me what you'd do. I have this running buddy I've been running with religiously for over a year. She recently rescued a dog and has started taking it running with us. This doesn't bother me at all, since this dog's excitement to run run run really inspires us to keep it up. The only issue is that every time we see another dog, which is at least three times during our outing, my friend thinks she is in this secret dog owner group with them. She feels compelled to stop, pet their pooch, and ask them 50 questions about their dog. It was cute at first because I'm a dog lover too, but all this stop-and-go isn't doing much to keep my heart rate and endurance up, and it's also tacking on at least 15 minutes to our morning workout. I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to be late for work. Any suggestions?
— Running Out of Patience

As someone who walks and runs with their dog, I've definitely gotten stopped before to chat, and while it's fun, I can understand it getting annoying after repeatedly happening. If you have any experience with this or any suggestions, please share your comments below.

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