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Advice For Running a Race in the Rain

A Reader Asks: Racing in the Rain?

FitSugar reader TiVo needs some racing advice and posed this question in our FitSugar Q and A group. Share your advice in the comments section below.

"I signed up for my first 10k. It is on Thanksgiving, but it is supposed to rain! What are your thoughts on racing in rain?"

Please share your tips and advice in the comments section below. Have a burning health or fitness question? Then join our FitSugar Q and A group and ask the community for help.

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susanec susanec 5 years
Agreed with the wicking layers suggestion, although I'd definitely go with a jacket rather than a garbage bag. Depending on how rainy it is, sometimes I wear a light water resistant jacket instead of a non-breathable rain jacket. Also, I get cold urticaria (hives) when I'm cold and wet so I'll take an anti-histamine before I go outside. If there's bag check you can pack spare clothes.
krystles krystles 5 years
kclulu's suggestion of running in a light hooded jacket and hat should definitely be followed! i too enjoy running in the rain (and did it today), but you need all the protection you get, especially during an early morning race. Also little gloves will help keep the cold from your hands. Your shins will probably get dirty from stepping in puddles and flicking the water up with each step, so I would advise pants instead of capris if you have them. I ran my first three 10ks last year and two of them were in the rain -- the light jacket, hat, pant combo worked wonders on keeping me focused on the race instead of the cold rain.
kclulu kclulu 5 years
I just ran a 6 miler training run in the rain and I would suggest a rain proof jacket with a hood along with a hat. The brim of the hat will keep rain out of your eyes but the jacket will prevent your head from getting soaked and keep water from running down your neck. A garbage bag definitely works in a pinch but it won't do as great a job of sealing the areas around your face and head. A hooded rain poncho would probably work too, just make sure you can tighten the hood around your face and I know you can find those at Target. Wear a pant or a short that is made of a whicking material for best results. I ran in capris that pretty much got soaked but it wasn't terribly bothersome because my jacket covered all of my upper body and just below my butt. Good luck and have fun! I really enjoy running in the rain myself, makes me feel like a kid again. Oh and have someone waiting for you at the finish line with something warm to change into if you can. Nothing fun about being wet and cold.
SheRunsSheShops SheRunsSheShops 5 years
#1 Wear a hat, it will keep the rain off your face #2 Wear a trash bag, it will keep you dry and warm before the race. If you want you can even run in it :) #3 Think thin layers: You're going to be soaked, maybe tights isn't the best option. Try capris or even shorts that won't hold so much water, even if it's cold #4 Invest in a light rain jacket. The Brooks Lite jacket is great and has a hood. #5 Be sure to stuff your shoes with some newspaper after to dry them out. Also, maybe desginate those as your rain running shoes and invest in another pair. Good luck!
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