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Ali Larter Eats the Whipped Cream Too!

I've been a fan of Ali Larter ever since her whipped cream bikini days in Varsity Blues. She's popular, but not over exposed. She's trim, but not overly skinny. Basically, she seems healthy. Go figure! Larter graces the October 2007 cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine and gives them the scoop on her life, but most fittingly, on how she approaches food and fitness.

Here are a few highlights:

Another issue where Larter is equally brazen: Her approach to diet, especially given Hollywood's rigid standards for female stars. "I love wine, bread and cheese," she says in the interview. "I just have to cut out the bread sometimes."

Larter, who characterizes her approach to food as being "just like every other girl," explains that it's all about moderation and balance. "Last night, I drank some Merlot and made potatoes au gratin with a rib-eye steak," she says. "It was amazing. I hope to always find that balance."

Her sense of moderation also translates into her exercise regimen. Put simply, Larter tells the magazine, "I don't want exercising to take over my life completely." So to stay fit, she takes runs and hikes with her dogs.

Yum, potatoes au gratin. Check out the rest of her interview in Cosmo, which is on newsstands now.


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