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Allergic to Exercise?

I've heard of allergies to nuts, or bees, or cats, but an allergy to exercise? Come on, that's just an excuse not to work out, right? Unfortunately there is such a thing as an allergy to exercise known as exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA). Although it's a pretty rare condition, it still exists for some unlucky few. A person with EIA may feel tired, itchy, or warm within the first few minutes of exercise, and then symptoms can quickly progress to swollen lips, eyes, and throat. Other symptoms can include hives, fainting, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. Sometimes symptoms don't show up for up to four hours after exercising.

Only 1,000 cases of exercise-induced anaphylaxis have been documented since the 70s, and of those cases only one resulted in death. There's also a less severe and more common exercise- triggered allergy that 10 to 20 percent of the population will experience sometime during their lives. To find out what it is,


Cholinergic urticaria, is a common type of heat rash, that many people may experience when they work out that is reddish, and may cause a burning or itchy sensation. This type of skin reaction can also be caused by a combination of both exercise and these triggers: sun exposure, certain foods, certain medications, alcohol, menstruation, cold weather, or getting emotionally worked up. If you think you may have symptoms that are triggered by exercise, definitely make an appointment with your doctor.


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