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Almond Milk is Dairy, Cholesterol and Soy Free

Almond Milk: It's Dairy, Cholesterol and Soy Free

If you're lactose intolerant or vegan, then you obviously steer clear of cow's milk. It's great that there are a few milk alternatives out there, but if you've ever tried them, you know they're not perfect. There's soy milk which tastes a lot like regular milk, but some people don't want to drink it because they're concerned about the health risks of eating too much soy. There's also rice milk, but it's kind of thin and watery, and has a grainy aftertaste.

Then there's almond milk, which is by far my favorite. Have you ever tried it? It's made by soaking almonds in water, and then they're ground into a liquid. Since these nuts have a soft texture, mild flavor and light coloring (when skinned), the liquid looks and tastes like sweet milk, making it a great substitute.

Interested in seeing the nutritional info? Then

One cup has only 2.5 g of fat and zero saturated fat so it's great if you're watching your cholesterol. It doesn't have a ton of protein, but it does have 30 percent of your daily calcium. Plus it only has 90 calories, which is less than soy milk (110), cow's milk (102), and rice milk (130).

This Lowfat Vanilla Almond Milk from Pacific Natural Foods tastes like a creamy vanilla milkshake (I'm not kidding). They also make Chocolate Almond Milk for even more of a treat. If you want more of plain taste, you can just buy the Original or Unsweetened flavors.

Fit's Tips: Almond milk is delicious if you drink it alone or in your cereal, but you can also substitute it for cow's milk in your recipes.

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