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Andrea Orbeck's 10-Minute Bikini-Body Boot Camp

10-Minute Bikini-Body Boot Camp

If you have 10 minutes to spare, celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck can help you get beach-ready. To help you rock your bikini bottoms, our latest Class FitSugar offers a full-body workout with a focus on the legs and glutes. Grab a set of three- to eight-pound dumbbells, press play, and get ready to work.

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Andrea Orbeck keeps Victoria Secret models like Heidi Klum in tip-top shape, so we couldn't think of a better person to help us get bikini ready. Join us for today's class Fit Sugar while we work your lower bodies to get you ready for that teeny bikini. Hi everyone. With us today in this Bikini-Body Boot Camp I have Susie and Gigi. You're going to want to start with three to eight pound hand weights, depending on your strength and the amount of stim that you want out of this workout. Your gonna take your weights, hold them nice and close and with a wide stance. We're going to do 20 deep and slow, controlled wide-based squats. Here we go, lower down and lift up. You want these weights to be part of your frame. It's very important to hold them close to your sides, and lower and lift. Very good. Keep your abs in tight, your shoulders down and back, and lower that weight right into your quad. Very good. This movement's so great for the quads that I can also feel it in my my glutes. For sure. And that's important when it comes bikini season. Exactly. Good. Let's do five more. Change is coming. Four, last three, last two, very good, and one. Keep your upper body the way it is, widen your stance, just underneath your shoulders. Now we're going stay on the quads and hips. You're going to do alternating reverse lunges for thirty. With one leg drop down and come back up. Here we go. Perfect. So with this weight close to your body, it's going to prevent you from leaning forward. You want to reach back, use that toe to guide you, but it's the front leg that lowers your body and then lifts it up. Thirty reps is a lot. You're really gonna feel quads and glutes. And when doing a reverse lunge, you can really track your knees better because you're seeing the knee and stepping away Yeah, I agree. It's a great way to do that squat but single leg. It takes a lot more stability. Can you feel that in the legs guys? Definitely. Here we go, we're gonna go five more reps. And four, three, last one, very good. Okay, so catch your breath. Continue to hold the weights nice and close. We're gonna keep on that reverse lunge, but add a little bit of dynamic movement, looks like this, with one leg, lower down, follow through, and kick. Here we go. Fifteen per side. Lower, give it a kick. These are gonna really accumulate that burn in the quad and the tush. And I can feel my heart rates getting up a little bit. Me too. Trust me. Squeeze the tush. Push up. Good work. Almost there. Stay with me. three and two and one. Good work. Okay. All right. Quads are burning. Change sides, add posture, lower down, follow through, breath, and a kick. Fifteen reps on the other side. This certainly challenges your balance. It does. It's dynamic. Hold on. Five more. keep going. Three, two, and one. Good. So go ahead and catch your breath I'm going to have you hold your weights, right here, widen your base of support, hold it into a nice deep roll, slowly lower slowly lift, very good. We're going to open up and warm up the back. Three more, until we hold, two more Now stay in this hinge. Bend your knees. Straighten your arms. I'm going to have you do a reverse fly. These are great for posture Good work. Ten more reps. Nice long neck. Keep going this also tones the back of the shoulder. Yeah. This is a nice area to get ready for the summer. Absolutely. Nothing like a good posture in a tank top. here's two, and here's one. Good job. Good. So now that we've warmed up those rotator cuffs from the flies, so ahead and turn your palms up Elbows at your side at 90° we are going to use a rotator cuff with a little bit of booty or hip abduction looks like this as you roll outward you are going to push back leg and as you come in, switch sides. We're going to open up, good. So we're working our glutes, we're stretching out our hips and we're also doing rotator cuff. Very good. So we've got here starting now. Slow transition, lots of big, full movements, feeling he weight shift from side to side. Good. My heart rate is still up. Good job. This is a great exercise for stabilizing the shoulder too. For sure. Squeeze the touche. Alternate. There's five, four more last three, last two, last one. Good job. Go ahead and keep your weights, find yourself on the mat, drop on down keep only one of the weights. Place it across your hips, knees are bent, feet, shoulders with the part. Shoulder down and back. For 30, you are gonna lift up, feel your tush, do the work and slowly lower. Maintain posture, get it as high and slow as you can. Filling these bridges help your lower back and nice long neck, keep up the breathing. Good work. And it's so nice to lay down after all that work. I agree. I agree. Good. Keep up nice and tall. Try not to be saggy in your lower back, keep your abs on even though you are going up and down using your bum, your shoulder posture and your abs still apply to this form. Good. Hello tushy. Starting to feel the burn. Me too. Good work. Okay. So, let's go five, four more, three, two, pause for five seconds, feel the burn in the tushy, and then slowly lower down. Keep your weight lay on your side. Place it on top. Keep your neck in alignment with your spine. Put the weight on top of your thighs and we're going to do clams. Keeping up with the tush. You're gonna lift and slowly lower. Time for all the weight of that dumbbell into your quad so that you bum can lift the weight. We've got 25 total. Nice and slow down, nice strong contraction up. Good. Now with your posture, you wanna feel like your lower back is so straight you could balance a teacup on on top of your hips and you wouldn't spill it. Or in the case at the beach, it's maybe a margarita. Here we go. I'm definitely picturing a margarita. Good work. So locate the movement in your bum, nice and slow. Keep your form in the tush, it'll only benefit those short-shorts all summer long. Good. Last five, inner hip. Four more push-up and through. Three more with the weight. Two and one. Good job. So, take away the weight. Pull your knee into your chest. Straighten the long way. Gee, through he's going to show you a modification. Inner thigh. You're going to lift up high as you can, and slowly lower. Try and keep your leg nice and in a line with your spine. We've got 20 repetitions high as you can. Here we go. Try and get out. move your inner hips, don't let your hips do the work in front it's the sides, you would have a little stability here, as well as those inner thighs. Girl can you go. You look good too, yeah. Here we go. Up high and slowly lower. Isolate for five, and four. Good job. three, and two, and one. Rock that leg down, grab your weight, scoot over like a rainbow. Put your body to the other side. So, we're gonna start with your clams again. Align your neck to your spine. Place all the weight of that dumbbell over your quad, straight back, lift and lower, 25 reps on the other side, nice and high. Very good. Cheek up on the hip, nice long spine, isolate your tushy. Once you've got 30 under your belt, try and do 40and 50. Today we'll do 25, inner thigh, and you're ready for your bikini. This is such a great move for the low gluts. Yeah, it burns. You can do the pencil test. Good. Stay with me on these last reps. Feel your tushy burn. Five more. four, three, now one more. And nice and slow down, lose the weight. Take your top leg. Follow Gigi if you need a modification. Up nice and high, pull up and slowly lower, 20 reps last set of lower body, here we go. Just trying to get it as high as you can and slowly lower. You don't want to use it as a pendulum swinging fast; you want to isolate the body. Yeah, don't rely on momentum. I agree. So should our foot be flexed or pointed or does it matter? You can really kind of keep it neutral. Try and stay more focused on the inner thigh, lifting the weight of the leg. That said, we're doing four, three, two, very good. And one. Nicely done. Find yourself rolling back up. Let's open up those inner thighs, feet together. Good work. Open up, roll your shoulders, down and back. Awesome work, everyone. Well, I definitely feel one step closer to the beach. Thanks so much, Andrea. My pleasure. Catch you next time on FitSugar TV.

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Love the 10 minute trainer videos.Would love to see an App for it.
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I love Andrea Orbeck! She's so sweet & knows how to work a woman's body. Those 10 minute workouts are awesome!
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