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Another Reason to Stop After One Glass: Increased Stroke Risk

'Tis the season for drinking. You're bound to enjoy champagne toasts with family, wining and dining with friends, and sipping back an eggnog at your office holiday party. One drink is fine, but a recent study shows that for women, consuming more than two alcoholic drinks a day can lead to heart problems. The condition is known as atrial fibrillation, and it's a type of rhythm disorder that causes a rapid heart rate. This can lead to difficulty breathing, fainting, fatigue, dizziness, and could even lead to a deadly stroke. Drinking more than two drinks a day increases a woman's risk for atrial fibrillation by 60 percent.

So enjoy the holidays with a mulled wine or hot toddy, but don't go overboard, for your heart's sake. And if that is not reason enough to stop after one glass, check out these five reasons to drink in serious moderation.


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