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Is Appendicitis Genetic?

Don't worry if your mother had appendicitis years ago and had to have her appendix removed. Appendicitis, the condition where your appendix (that small, finger-shaped pouch that has no known purpose) gets inflamed and filled with pus, is not genetic. . It can be caused by food or stool getting trapped in the cavity the runs the length of your appendix or if you've had a gastrointestinal viral infection. What happens in either case is that bacteria gets into your appendix, invades it, and causes it to swell.

Appendicitis causes pain around your belly button, that moves to your lower right side above your pelvic bone. It often hurts more if you cough, make sudden movements, or if the area is pressed. The pain usually gets gradually worse over a period of six to 12 hours, and it's possible that your appendix can rupture. This usually happens if a person waits too long, thinking their "tummy ache" will go away. So if you're having a weird ache in your belly, it's best to call your doctor just to be sure.

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