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BMX Video Clips and the Olympics

The Olympics Go Extreme: BMX Racing Starts Today!

When the IOC brought BMX racing into the Summer Games, the Olympics became a little less buttoned-up. The sport is fast, furious, and fun to watch. The world-class riders are tough and often tattooed. Learn the lingo of the BMX set and see the riders in action in this quick video. The seeding runs begin on Aug. 8, with the gold-medal races on Aug. 10. Ride on!

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BMX is one of the summer Olympics lesser known events. This summer impress your friends with your knowledge of BMX racing! BMX is an acronym short for bicycle motocross. It made its first Olympic appearance in the 2008 games in Beijing. Here's a rundown of the competition. Eight riders at a time compete on a course of jumps, twists, turns, and sharp corners in races that only last about 40 seconds. First across the finish line wins. The challenge is not to fall off your bike as you whiz around the course. There's one medal competition each for men and women, so two gold medals are up for grabs. To ensure that the fastest riders don't meet before the final, each rider starts with a seeding phase in which they run the track once to determine their seeding. Heats are then organized accordingly. Women progress to a semi-final, while the men move on to their quarter finals. For both the men's and women's competitions, each riders meet for the final and men Are rewarded. Now for some fun facts. After the game, the BMX track will be open to the general public as part of our the Olympic Park in London. BMX was inspired by motocross, the motorized version of the sport. BMX bikes have only one gear and one brake. Here's how to sound like a BMX pro. A bunny hop is jumping with both wheels off the ground at the same time, and a loop out is when a rider loses balance when a front wheel comes off the ground. And here she is off the back of the bike. OTB, which is short for over the bars, is self-explanatory. So this Olympics, impress your friends with these fun facts. Thanks for watching Fit Sugar TV.

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