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Bee Sting Treatment? Too Painful To Imagine

Yikes! No way would I ever have thought anyone would let a bee sting them on purpose. For Liu a Chinese man suffering from diabetes, it was either bee stings or amputation.

Liu went to Xizhihe hospital in Beijing, where bees were placed on his foot and provoked to sting him, in an effort to rejuvenate the blackened, rotting flesh by flooding it with a rush of protein-rich blood.

Apparently in China, doctors believe this 3,000 year old practice of using bee venom can repair damaged cells, stave off bacteria, and ease inflammation.

Doctors at Xizhihe believe they can even cure liver ailments, diabetes, and cancers. But they admit that they don't really understand how it works.

And it only costs about $2.50 per sting, so bee sting treatment offers a cheap (yet painful) alternative to mainstream medicine.

But does it work? Well, after several bee stings and a course of orally-taken bee venom, Liu's foot is healing.

And since health care is so expensive in this area, customers are heading to small, private clinics like Xizhihe, where relief may be as cheap as a few bee stings.

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