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The Best Before-Bed Yoga Sequence For Slumber

Jan 14 2014 - 12:44pm

Yoga before bed can be some of your best defense against insomnia. By calming down your body and your mind, you're putting yourself in a better position for sweet and restful slumber. Ready to get to bed? This yoga sequence will save the day.

Source: Megan Wolfe Photography [1]

Child's Pose

Start off your bedtime practice by cooling off in Balasana:

Learn about a variation of Child's Pose here [2].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend will feel like all the stress is pouring out of the top of your head:

Here's a deeper explanation of Standing Forward Bend [4].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Wide-Legged Forward Bend C

Wide-Legged Forward Bend C is another relaxing pose that will loosen up your shoulders and help you destress before bed:

Here are more details on how to do Wide-Legged Forward Bend C [6].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Butterfly Pose

The introspective Butterfly Pose gives your hips some love:

Check out these details on how to do Butterfly Pose [8].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Seated Straddle

Seated Straddle is an active pose, but it will also prep your body for sleep:

Read here for a variation that targets one hamstring at a time [10].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Head to Knee Pose A

Head to Knee Pose A gives your sides an amazing stretch. This is my favorite pose to practice before bed:

Check out these tips on how to get more out of Head to Knee Pose A [11].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose is an ideal inversion to try out before bed:

If you want more details on how to do Bridge Pose, keep reading [13].

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Legs Up the Wall

Legs Up the Wall will instill a sense of calmness in your whole body, and it will also relieve aches and pains from a sore lower back or tight hamstrings:

Learn more about Legs Up the Wall [14] here.

Source: Megan Wolfe Photography [15]

Eagle Twist

Right before taking rest, increase side-to-side spinal flexibility with this reclined twist:

Photo: Jenny Sugar


Take rest in Corpse Pose before climbing into bed:

Having trouble relaxing? Here are four tips for sinking into Corpse Pose [17].

Source: Megan Wolfe Photography [18]

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