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Bench Workout With Brick CrossFit [Video]

Get a Bench Workout Almost Anywhere – No Equipment Needed!

CrossFit is all the rage these days, and we went straight to the source — Brick CrossFit LA — to find out some of the best ways to incorporate its no-equipment moves into an everyday workout routine. Watch as Jarett Perelmutter, Brick owner and CrossFit coach, takes Susi through four total-body conditioning exercises using only a bench as the equipment! Whether at the gym or in a park, get ready to have your strength, balance, and agility tested with these powerful plyometric exercises.

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Whether you like getting your sweat on outside in the park or in your home gym, you can get a bench workout almost anywhere. We're here with J. T., founder of Brick, and cross-fit trainer. And he's going to show you had to make the most out of your time on the bench with absolutely no extra props needed. So J.P. how does this bench work out fit with the cross fit philosophy? As long as we implement three key key components. It's cross fit. Constantly varying motion, high intensity and functional movements. We're going to incorporate all three of those today. Susie, what I want you to do is step up to the bench, about a half foot away from it. All right, we're going to bring your hands up thumbs up and your elbows in. And this is really just a key component for safety, so we don't go ahead and smack the bench. Alright from here I want you to go into a quarter squat, ridge in the stomach, shoulders thats when I got good neutral posture, and I want you to use your explosive power to drive up and onto the bench. Full extension. Exactly. Go ahead and give me one of those, driving up and onto the box. And one at the top, full extension of the hip.wide open hands behind her. Excellent. Now I want you to do the exact same thing, riding off the box, landing in a quarter squat [xx] perfect. If youre looking for a modification for the jump, you can just do a step up. Absolutely Go on and put both of your hands on the bench nice and secure. great. And we are going to have a starting position of both of her hands are going to be directly under the line of her shoulders. This will give her a nice rigid structure. Slightly flexed again just as we did in the bench jump in her stomach. Raise it all the way down the line. Great posture and position. And she's going to take her hand hand while she moves her left hand towards the left side of the bench, she's going to follow suit with her left foot. I'm going to come over here and get out of your way, great. And then she's now going to match that position with the right hand and the right foot, finishing, and again that rigid structure of her hands directly under her shoulders holders. We can make this a little bit more difficult, and the way we would do that. would be to implement a push-up into the movement. What I also like about this exercise is it works the hand eye coordination which is great for fitness, but it also really works the shoulders In the Core. Susie what I want you to do is jump from that side of the bench to the right side of the bench keeping your knees move in nice and tight. Try to clear this without touching it. Go ahead. Good! And one more time to the other side. Yes. Now to step up the intensity, any of this movement, not only move a little bit faster, but have her try to draw her knee higher and further away from the bench. I even like that positive top, because that's also implementing balance. [xx] are so fun. Now we're going to focus mostly on the interior chain. That's a fancy way for saying the front side of your the body. Go ahead and extend your legs all the way out, good, and drive them all the way down towards the bench. And now we to test flexibility. Bring them all the way up and over your head as much as your flexibility will allow. And then you want to drive it back down towards the bench. Right. And also by increasing speed you're increasing the resistance, which increases the necessary flex in the stomach. Right on. What's great about that exercise is you can really feel the connection from your feet through your inner thighs, to your core, all the way to your upper body. Yes. Lets go back to this high intensity thing. How do you motivate yourself through a workout like this to up the intensity level. When racing against the clock, its enhanced motivation and it increases the level of intensity. You can come back to this particular workout and look at What was your time today, and what was your time 4 weeks from now? So you were trying to beat yourself? Absolutely. Cool. J.T., I will never look at a bench the same way again. Thank you so much for teaching us this workout. Yeah, thank you for having me. See you next time on FitSugarTV

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