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The Very Best Advice From Dr. Oz (Fat Is a Good Thing, For One!)

Jun 18 2014 - 11:39am

Since appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004, Dr. Oz has become the go-to guru for all things health and wellness. Despite a rolodesk of experts and his own impressive medical résumé, certain tips we see on the show can leave us scratching our heads — specifically when it comes to his advice on "fat flushing" and quick-fix supplements like raspberry ketone, litramine, and garcinia cambogia (that have little scientific backing). Just yesterday, Dr. Oz appeared in front of a Senate panel [1], where he was criticized over his claims that certain weight-loss products can be "miracles." While we'll (continue) to skip the supplements and fad diets, there's plenty of sage advice from Dr. Oz that will never go out of style!

Source: Sony Pictures Television [2]

Fiber Is Essential

It seems like Dr. Oz is always teaching us a new way to get fiber into our diets, and it's for good reason. In terms of weight loss, digestion, and now, even cancer prevention [3], fiber is an important part of any healthy and balanced diet — especially at breakfast time, since it keeps your body satisfied and hunger at bay.

Dr. Oz loves to sip on this hydrating and antioxidant-rich green drink [4] in the morning that tastes great and offers 28 percent of your recommended fiber for the whole day.

Your Sex Life Matters

Dr. Oz regularly brings in experts who talk about putting the spark back into the bedroom, but he's also taught his viewers about the importance of a healthy sex life for their general health and overall well-being. Sex can help get your heart rate up and is one of the very best proven ways to reduce stress.

In the past, Dr. Oz has given the recommendation that couples should have sex "two to three times a week," but beyond the number, he's brought in sex therapists who all agree that the quality of the experience [5] is just as (if not more) important.

Do More Yoga

Dr. Oz has a daily yoga practice to increase his flexibility, improve his focus, stay in shape, and reduce stress. Every morning, he moves through a quick sequence that helps him open up, tone up, and relax. Work out like Dr. Oz with this five-minute sequence [6] to start your day out on a healthy high note.

Don't Be Afraid of (All) Fat

Dr. Oz is a big proponent of the healthy benefits that eating the right fats can provide. While trans fats should be avoided at all costs, Dr. Oz recommends eating foods like olive oil and avocado [7] that are full of monounsaturated fatty acids that can support your health's health and help the body absorb important nutrients more effectively.

Learn How to Cook

If you rely on fast food and restaurants to keep you fed, heed Dr. Oz's advice: learn how to cook for yourself at home. There's no better way to support your healthy weight-loss goals or long-term health than taking back control of all the ingredients you're eating.

If you're always pressed for time, you can still eat healthy at home. Start your day out right with one of these easy breakfast recipes [8] you can make the night before. You'll be doing Dr. Oz proud!

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