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6 Yoga Poses to Help You Train Like an Athlete

Aug 18 2014 - 2:51pm

Yoga is certainly about the spiritual side of things, but it is absolutely possible to build plenty of strength and tone the body with the right poses. I recently chatted with Eoin Finn of Blissology Yoga [1] at Wanderlust Whistler [2] about poses that will help an existing yoga practice and also improve your strength and stamina in other workouts. It's all about working with your body's weight!

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Straight-Arm Plank

Straight-Arm Plank works the whole body — especially the legs, arms, and abs. Eoin loves this pose, since it forces the body to train itself to maintain alignment and keep joints safe.

Crow Pose

Arm balances might look like they only keep the upper body engaged, but it's also about keeping your core strong. If you're looking to tackle Crow Pose, check out these tips to get balancing [4] and build a stronger pose.

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Handstand is another one of Eoin's favorite poses — and he loves that he's seen CrossFitters trying it out against the wall, since it builds strength in the whole body. If the full expression feels far off, try this handstand prep against the wall [7] or the more basic "L" handstand [8].

Source: Jenny Sugar at Laughing River Yoga Studio [10]

Chair Pose

Sure, Chair Pose might look easy, but it is a killer move for your thighs and glutes when done correctly. Be sure to focus on alignment to keep your body safe and get that sculpted lower body you're after.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Boat Pose

Boat is one of the most effective yoga poses to tone up and build a strong core. Follow the steps below, but be sure to avoid these common mistakes [12].

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Warrior 3

Warrior 3 Pose brings the heat to your core, challenges your balance, and builds up strong muscles in your back. Instead of concentrating so hard in this pose, try to find a comfortable, centered space with deep strong breaths!

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