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Biggest Loser Families Recap: '80s Week

Biggest Loser Families Recap: '80s Week

Life on the Biggest Loser ranch was a little tense at the beginning of the week, since Amy voted Brady off the show. To lighten the mood, someone decided to celebrate the '80s, complete with teased hair, leg warmers, and lots of blush. Bob and Jillian treated their teams to '80s-style workouts. Jillian's group did some "break dancing"(I put that in quotes since the only thing they did resembling break dancing was a group wave) and Bob, wearing short shorts, led his team in a step aerobics class.

The physical challenge was an '80s health and fitness trivia quiz, performed with the contestants holding 50 percent of their weight in large water buckets placed over their heads. If they answered a question wrong water was added to their bucket, and when the contestants let go, they were doused with water reminiscent of the famous scene in Flash Dance. The prize, won by Michele after bribing her mom to let go by offering her a designer purse, was either $5,000 or giving another contestant a one-pound penalty at the weigh in.

The show heated up as we edged closer to the weigh in, to see who was sent home and how they look now, just


Toward the end of the week, the blue team met in private and Amy offered Vicky an apology as well as loyalty at the next round of elimination. Michele chose Vicky as the recipient of the one-pound penalty, which proved a good strategy since Vicky and Coleen, with only a three-pound weight loss for the week, both fell below the yellow line. It was tense in the elimination room, while waiting for Amy's swing vote to break the tie of two to two. At this moment, I think I even yelled at the TV like an overexcited sports fan. I was extremely disappointed that Amy voted Coleen off the show. Not only would I have been beyond pleased to see the super manipulative Vicky voted off the show, but strategically Vicky poses more of a threat to Amy's chance of winning.

Coleen was devastated to leave but now she practically glows. Just watch this video to see what I mean.

Were you as surprised as I was that Amy didn't vote Vicky off the show? Do you think Amy is going to win it all?


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