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Blake Lively Doesn't Mind a Pre-Booty-Shorts Burrito

Blake Lively Doesn't Mind a Pre-Booty-Shorts Burrito

It appears that Serena van der Woodsen isn't the only one with a carefree attitude. Blake Lively's Gossip Girl character gives off a see-if-I-care air that the actress apparently adopts regarding the food she eats and when.

Blake spills the beans about her lack of willpower when it comes to monitoring her diet in the August issue of UK Glamour and said, "I had to do a scene in a bra and shorts for the first time in two years. On the day of the shoot, I ate a pork burrito, chips, and coke. Afterwards, I thought, 'I probably shouldn't have done that.' But whatever." The slender actress doesn't turn to exercise to work off the food she loves; in fact, she admits, "I have never worked out."

At 21 years old, Blake's metabolism is still working to her advantage, but thankfully she's talking about getting into exercise. She plans on getting a trainer because, she says, working out makes you "feel better." It doesn't seem like Blake needs any help with her self-confidence, but regular exercise is an important part of being a healthy person. Plus, she'll be able to eat those pork burritos for more years to come.

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