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Blisters Hurt, Treatment Shouldn't

Blisters Hurt, Treatment Shouldn't

Yesterday, while running on the treadmill, I did not notice that my sock had a rather unfortunate fold in it which left me an even more unfortunate blister on my heel. So I went on the search for what I should do to help heal it rapidly.

Here are some good suggestions I came across on caring for a blister, from the University of Michigan Health System:

  • Steps should be taken to avoid further irritating the problem area.
  • Large blisters can be carefully drained with a sterilized needle, then covered with antibiotic ointment and a bandage.
  • For extra protection, purchase a moleskin at a drugstore. Cut a hole that's larger than the blister in the moleskin, creating a moleskin "donut." Then apply the moleskin so that the hole is over the blister.
  • See your doctor about any blisters that don't heal in a reasonable amount of time, or look like they may be infected.


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