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Healthy Recipes
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Bob Harper's Top Weight-Loss Exercises

Bob Harper Shares His Top 3 Moves For Weight Loss

Bob Harper has been instrumental in transforming hundreds of overweight contestants into their slimmer selves on NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser. Bob showed us his essential moves for making weight loss a reality. From a lateral burpee to a squat variation that'll work your entire body, see which exercises Bob says are a must if you are looking to drop weight. You'll learn some great tips about form and technique and see exactly why we can't help but love working out on Team Bob!

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As a trainer of NBC's hit show the biggest loser, Bob Harper has literally transformed lives with his weight-loss program. And today he's gonna teach us three essential exercises for weight loss. So for those of you at home that have never done a burpee, here's the bottom line. Okay. We're gonna come down with our hands on the ground with our abs string strong we're gonna jump back. From here were going to land body all the way down to the ground and then from here, bring yourself back up, bring your feet forward, stand up and just jump. That's a burpee. So now here's what instead we're gonna do. Okay. Notice we have a broomstick on the floor. Do you have a broomstick at your house? Just throw a broomstick on the ground. You're gonna be doing lateral jump burpees, okay ? Okay. All I want you to do, give me one burpee. She's down she jumps back, she lays on the ground, jump over to the other side. That's one movement, okay? Do it again. And lower, up. Good. Notice how it was kind of a powerful jump that you landed? Yeah. The softer that you land your feet on the ground, the more strength that you're using your core. Gotcha. Okay. So how many repetitions would you do of a burpee? I would rather you'd do it on a time scheme, rather than a rep scheme. So here's what I'd want you to do. For a beginner, I would say try doing as many burpees as you can do for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds and do like three to five rounds of that. Okay. More advanced which you are. Okay. I would say do as many burpies as you can for a minute 5 rounds, with a 1 minute rest in between. I've got a nice little toy for you right here. Excellent. So those of you at home if you don't have a big plate like this, if you have a ten pound weight, a kettle ball, you've got a telephone book, if you've ever done anything like this before you don't have to have anything. But you, being as strong as you are, you're gonna take this plate and you're going to do an overhead walking lunge so stepping your right foot forward sticking the back knee down towards the ground, come up and move across. We don't have a lot of room here, so I just want you to turn back around and keep going. What I want you to be able to do is about 23 to five sets and counting 20 is one, two just like that that's one, two a right and a left would be two movements okay. Oh, okay. Now, what you really want to concentrate on is really straighten those arms all the way out, but dropping your shoulders down, away from your ears. Beautiful. I'm saving the best for last actually, all right? Now with the goblet squat, you need something weighted. Okay. We're gonna be using the kettle bell. I want you not to be afraid heavy weights for this, okay? Okay. You're not gonna be doing as many reps, something like this is the heavier you go. Okay. I'd want you to do properly around 8 maybe 10 reps. Oh okay. But I want you to do three to four rounds of that. Okay. You're gonna be holding the bell, keep it close to the chest, toes are turned out, bodyweight into the heels and all I want you to think about doing is sinking your hips below your knees. Down and up. She's got a good range of motion, I really want to make sure that when you get down to the bottom you're not sacrificing you're lumbar okay, I really want you to keep your midline strong here. Bodyweight stays in the heels and lower down. So to make sure I'm not taking it in my back, I need to stay more upright. That's correct. Okay. A lot of times you see people when they are doing squats all of a sudden they're leaning over and it's just so much pressure on the back. I want you to imagine try doing a squat with me standing right in front of you. Oh, that's a lot harder. A lot harder cause it really forces a good form so if you don't have me stand infront of you, you can always go up to a wall and do the exact same thing. Yes. So it's like, that's why I was saying really think about your ear making a straight line, bodyweight into those heels. Makes it harder. And up, good. Goblet squat. I love it. I can see that those three moves could definitely transform your body. Absolutely. Thanks for showing us. Thanks, you did a great job. Thank you. Catch you next time on FitSugar TV.

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